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St George of Georgeham
Daily Express Special Correspondent
29 (Mar. 1994): 47
A spoof article by HW concerning the village sign in Georgeham.

Salar the Salmon

Williamson, Henry

44 (Sep. 2008): 91-3

A facsimile extract from Hunting & Fishing, Vol. XIV, No. 3, March 1937 (Boston, USA).
Salar the Salmon: An Appraisal
Blench, Dr J. Wheatley
32 (Sep. 1996): 5-17
A critical assessment of Salar the Salmon.

Save His Own Soul He Hath No Star

Williamson, Anne

39 (Sep. 2003): 30-60

Examination of The Dream of Fair Women (vol. 3 of The Flax of Dream, 1924, rev. ed. 1931) tracing its association with Tennyson’s poem of that title and thus with Chaucer’s ‘Legend of Good Women’, the medieval ‘romaunce’ and classical literature; comparison of the text of the various editions and their relative strengths and weaknesses; review of ‘Peace Day’ (26 July 1919) in Folkestone; discussion of some of the major characters and their real-life counterparts, including the hitherto mysterious ‘Eve Fairfax’ and Frank Davis (‘Julian Warbeck’). Includes facsimile reprints of several documents from the HWLE archive including a rare poem by HW.
Scarecrow Cottage: Four Articles from 1921-22
Williamson, Henry
31 (Sep. 1995): 43-6
Reprints of articles which first appeared in the Sunday Express being accounts of his bohemian life in Devon.

A School-boy's Diary 1913

Williamson, Henry
38 (Sep. 2002): 21-8

A full transcript of HW’s diary at the age of 17, during his last year at Colfe’s Grammar School, and the basis for his subsequent writings about his school life. Includes some facsimile illustrations.
A School Prize
Heinecke, Peter M.
9 (Mar. 1984): 43
A possible inspiration for HW's school visitation scene in Dandelion Days.
Searching for a Picture
Christian, John
22 (Sep. 1990): 39-41
A painter follows the tracks of Tarka.

Seeing Stars – Henry Williamson's Astronomy

Coultas, Michael

46 (Sep. 2010): 43-47

An examination of HW's celestial observations, with a particular focus on his writings about Christmas 1914, and in his books The Innocent Moon, It Was the Nightingale, The Power of the Dead, and The Phoenix Generation.
Selection of Reviews of The Phasian Bird
35 (Sep. 1999): 84-7
Reprint of five contemporaneous reviews from: Jonathan Mardle (Eastern Daily Press); George Painter (The Listener); S.B.P. Mais (Oxford Mail); W.G. Rogers (Cleveland, Ohio); Irish newspaper.
Father Brocard Sewell (1912–2000), Obituary
Williamson, Anne
36 (Sep. 2000): 94
Father Brocard Sewell (July 1912–April 2000), Carmelite friar and literary entrepreneur was mainly known for his editorship of The Aylesford Review. He was a staunch supporter and friend of HW. The 1957/58 Winter Issue of The Aylesford Review was devoted to HW and gave a fairly comprehensive coverage of the range of his work. After HW’s death Brocard Sewell compiled the symposium Henry Williamson: the Man, the Writings (Tabb House, 1980). Brocard Sewell was a Vice-President of the HWS from its inception in 1980 until his death.
A Shaft of Ancient Sunlight
Sloan, Jim
28 (Sep. 1993): 52-4
Recollections of a meeting at the Writing Hut.
The Shallowford Scene
Lamplugh, Lois
23 (Mar. 1991): 22-7
A description of HW's life at Shallowford.
Shedding Light on Crow Point
Lewis, Peter
24 (Sep. 1991): 20-31
An exploration of the Braunton–Appledore area with particular reference to events in The Pathway.
Silent Night: The Remarkable Christmas Truce of 1914, Stanley Weintraub (Simon & Schuster, 2001, ISBN 0-684-86621-8)
Williamson, Anne (Review)
38 (Sep. 2002): 93-4
Weintraub has brought together a large number of eye-witness accounts in order to prove that the Christmas Truce really happened (a fact sometimes disputed in the past). HW’s fictional account of Phillip’s experiences as recounted in A Fox Under My Cloak fills 16 of its 200 pages.
The Silver Eagle
Williamson, Richard (with Linda Pearce)
8 (Oct. 1983): 24-9
Details of the chequered history of HW's Alvis car, which amazingly still survives.
The (Silver) Eagle has Landed
Williamson, Richard
23 (Mar. 1991): 40-3
The restoration of HW's Alvis Silver Eagle.
A Small Selection of Notes re 1914 and 1915
Williamson, Henry
34 (Sep. 1998): 17-23
A facsimile of handwritten notes concerning action at Loos.
The Snake Bird
Williamson, Henry
15 (Mar. 1987): 23-4
The sequel and solution to the 'Bird of Mystery' article in HWSJ 14.
Society Archives at Exeter University Library
Homan, John
3 (May 1981): 25
A note of additions to the archive.
The Society Tour to the Ypres Salient
27 (Mar. 1993): 36-7
An introduction to a series of connected articles with two photographs of HW.
Sombre Summer Days on the Somme
Gregory, John
23 (Mar. 1991): 10-15
A personal view of a tour of the Somme battlefield in July 1990.
Some Leaves from HW's own Scrapbook
16 (Sep. 1987): 30-4
Press cuttings relating to Tarka the Otter and the award of the Hawthornden Prize.
Some Recollections of a Barnstaple Boyhood
Gillard, Peter
13 (Mar. 1986): 38-9
Recollections which bear on aspects of HW's work.
Some Thoughts on Class in the Novels of Henry Williamson
Hoyle, David
21 (Mar. 1990): 5-20
The treatment of class issues in the Chronicle up to The Golden Virgin.
Some Thoughts on 'Spectre' West
Williamson, Anne
34 (Sep. 1998): 86-9
An investigative essay on the identity of the original Harold West and other elusive characters from the Chronicle.

Sotheby's at Hodgson's Rooms, London

Clarke, Stephen Francis
3 (May 1981): 28

Items of HW interest under the hammer at Sotheby's (1980).
South Devon Days from The Innocent Moon
Loates, Mick
24 (Sep. 1991): 39-44
A description of South Devon locations which feature in The Innocent Moon.
A Souvenir
Robins, Peter K.
19 (Mar. 1989): 28-30
The text of two short contributions by HW to a book: A Souvenir and Guide of Braunton and District. The articles are: 1) 'The Burrows, 1938' and 2) 'Baggy Hole Revisited in May, 1945'.

The spectre of Lone Tree (part 1)

Williamson, Anne

43 (Sep. 2007): 16-29

(part 2)

Detailed analysis of HW’s treatment of the Battle of Loos (25 Sep.–13 Oct. 1916) in his novel A Fox Under My Cloak (ACoAS, vol 5) comparing real events with very accurate fictionalised version, and revealing sources of information including his friend and comrade Douglas Bell’s Soldier’s Diary of the Great War – refuting criticism of inaccuracy.

Spring in Devon

Reed, Paul

22 (Sep. 1990): 50


An account of the 1990 Spring meeting, the first held in North Devon.

Spring Meeting, Hope Cove, South Devon, May 2009

Knight, Richard

NL16 (Mar. 2010): 5-6

A personal account of this meeting.

Spring Meeting, Folkestone, May 9-11, 2008

Boarder, Clive

NL15 (Mar. 2009): 5-10

A personal account of the Spring Meeting held to celebrate and investigate HW's Folkestone on 1919-20, when he was stationed there, describing visits to the sites of the Rest Camps, Shorncliffe Camp and Caesar's Camp, and a walk around Folkestone.

Squerryes Court, Westerham, Kent (from brochure for)

42 (Sep. 2006): 45

Details about, re visits made there by HW in boyhood – see article ‘Wheeling Down to Easterbacon’ in the same issue of the journal.

Stewkey Blues: A Local Issue

Williamson, Anne (compiler)

40 (Sep. 2004): 86-96

A note about Stiffkey Amenities Ltd, set up in 1936 to preserve an area of Stiffkey, and the furore in the national press when the War Office wanted to use the land for training. Illustrated with newspaper cuttings describing the protests.
The Stark Truth of War
Shepherd, Fred
36 (Sep. 2000): 88
A report of an exhibition of the work of C.R.W. Nevinson (Futurist artist and official artist of WW1) in autumn 1999 at the Imperial War Museum. HW knew Nevinson, who appears as a character in his books, and he owned work by him (see journal no. 34).

John Stevens, Obituary

Slater, Ron

NL15 (Mar. 2009): 45-6

John Stevens, a long-time member of the Society, was, with his wife Jo, a regular attendee at meetings. He died in late May 2008, aged 78.

The Stolen Rifle

Harry Williamson

47 (Sep. 2011): 100-2

A recollection of an incident in the author's boyhood.

Stories from My Youth

Williamson. Harry

46 (Sep. 2010): 79-83

Reminiscences from Harry Williamson's childhood: a holiday in Ireland, touring in HW's Austin Countryman; and the experiment of growing corn at Ox's Cross.

A Stray Shaft of Ancient Sunlight

Walker, Ronald
4 (Nov. 1981): 31-6

A summary of HW's visit to the Western Front battlefields of France with particular reference to The Wet Flanders Plain.

Stumberleap and Other Devon Writings, Henry Williamson, ed. John Gregory (HWS, 2005)

Macfarlane, David (Review)

42 (Sep. 2006): 93-4

Review of this collection of HW Daily Express and Sunday Express articles, publshed between 1915 and 1935.
Suspicions at Stiffkey
Shepherd, Fred
35 (Sep. 1999): 35
A short account of the life, surrounding scandal and dramatic death of the Rev. Harold Davidson, Vicar of Stiffkey, Norfolk, as described in The Great Unfrocked by Matthew Parris; includes a photograph of Davidson’s funeral taken by HW in 1937 when he first arrived at Stiffkey.
Symbolism in The Star-born
Evans, Tony (with Anne Williamson)
36 (Sep. 2000): 70-2
Explanation of the meaning of several important symbolic references found in this book: ‘The Seven Brands’, ‘Robin Redbreast’, ‘Aaron’s Rod’, ‘The White Bird’, ‘Parthenopia’.
Tail Corn
Bennett, Michael
19 (Mar. 1989): 46-7
Anecdotes about HW and his farming years.
Tarka Country Revisited
Beer, Trevor
16 (Sep. 1987): 24
An account of a visit to Ramshorn Pond where an otter is seen.

Tarka the Music – World Premiere

Williamson, Harry

46 (Sep. 2010): 92-3

A short account of the first concert performance of the music of Tarka, 35 years after its creation by Harry Williamson and Anthony Phillip, and the making of the accompanying film, 'Waterscape'. For further information go to

Tarka the Otter isn't Dead
Carter, Brian
7 (May 1983): 17
A reprint of Brian Carter's Country Diary article that evokes the spirit of Tarka on a visit to Georgeham and the Braunton Burrows.
Tarka: The Wonder and the One-ness
Wake, Bryan
16 (Sep. 1987): 12-14
The impact of Tarka from the perspective of both child and adult.

The Tarka Project

Oliver, Nicola

21 (Mar. 1990): 52-3

A short update on the progress of the Tarka Project, including the projected Tarka Trail.
The Tarka Trail Project
Wills, Graham
16 (Sep. 1987): 22
A brief report.
Tarka's Route
Williamson, Anne
16 (Sep. 1987): 16-18
A detailed description. with OS map references.
Williamson, Henry
31 (Sep. 1995): 60-1
A fragment of manuscript being an early draft of the story which was published in The Old Stag.
T.E. Lawrence Letters, vol. IX: Correspondence with Henry Williamson, ed. by Peter Wilson and with Prologue and Epilogue by Anne Williamson (Ltd Ed., Castle Hill Press, 2000)
Gregory, John (Review)
37 (Sep. 2001): 92-3
This publication of all extant letters between these two men in full is an important volume with regard to HW’s life and work. From the very first letter regarding Tarka Lawrence was an important influence on Williamson, and it was on his return from sending HW a telegram arranging for them to meet the next day at Lawrence’s cottage for lunch, that Lawrence met with the motorcycle accident that led to his death a few day’s later. Commentary by Anne Williamson and quotations from Williamson’s own book about the friendship, Genius of Friendship (1941), puts the correspondence into context, while publication of the final letter Williamson wrote to Lawrence provides proof that stories of a fascist connection between these two men are totally false. Within the letters can be found much information about both men, particularly Williamson’s writings and his life in general.

Teeth of the Lion

Williamson, Anne

44 (Sep. 2008): 5-36

An illustrated look at letters sent to HW from staff at Colfe's and their background. First given as a paper at the Redhill Meeting, 2 December 2006.
Ten Years' Remembrance
Williamson, Henry
18 (Sep. 1988): 28-9
An article written for the Daily Mirror, 12 November 1928, recording HW's observations and thoughts at the cenotaph ceremony.

A Test of Detection: The Missing Days of April 1918

Maloney, Dr Michael

43 (Sep. 2007): 30-49

Examination of all the factors pertaining to the mystery of HW’s brief return to France in early April 1918, and Dr Maloney's explanation for this, against total lack of official evidence, with particular emphasis on the state of his physical and mental health, stemming from his war service.

Thirty Years On

Harris, Will

47 (Sep. 2011): 8-9

Memories of the founding of the HWS in 1980.

Thomas Washington Metcalfe

Williamson, Anne

45 (Sep. 2009): 29-30

A brief outline of the little that is known about HW's friendship with Metcalfe (the character Tom Volstead Wrink in The Gold Falcon).
Thoughts on Reading Dan Farson's Henry: An Appreciation
Elliott, Sally
19 (Mar. 1989): 13-14
A criticism of the book.
Thoughts on Field-Marshal Haig
Williamson, Henry
35 (Sep. 1999): 72
An extract from a review where HW digresses to give his own supportive thoughts about Haig.
Thomas Leaver (photograph of)
38 (Sep. 2002): 58
In Moorish costume taken at the Alhambra, Spain, 1903.
Thomas Turney and Family
Lewis, Peter
38 (Sep. 2002): 47-57
An examination of the role of Thomas Turney (based on HW’s maternal grand-father Thomas Leaver) and his family within the early vols of ACofAS.
Three pages from the full MS of The Star-born
Williamson, Henry
36 (Sep. 2000): 58-60
Facsimile reproduction of this item (the document is in the Special Collection, Exeter University, England).
Timbo’s Dream
Williamson, Henry
32 (Sep. 1996): 42-6
A facsimile of a short children’s story which first appeared in The Playhour Books, No 2 (1928).
Time to Forgive?
Walker, Ronald
7 (May 1983): 30-3
A summary of the Omnibus 'Writers on the Right' programme broadcast on television on 6 March 1983, in which HW's political affiliations were discussed. A formal letter of complaint to the BBC from the Society is appended.
To the Fishponds and Back Again
Gillis, John
4 (Nov 1981): 27-30
A description of the Fishponds at Keston. and the house at Eastern Road (Hillside Road in the Chronicle), first home of HW.
To Henry: A Tribute
Fullagar, Beryl
32 (Sep. 1996): 74
A poem to celebrate the centenary of HW's birth.
Two Dedicated Otter Men
Irving, John
36 (Sep. 2000): 89-90
The BBC television producer John Irving gives a brief outline of his friendship with HW in the 1960s and recalls the difficult occasion when he took HW to a drinks party at the home of Sir Peter Scott (author, naturalist, artist) where Gavin Maxwell (author of a book about an otter entitled Ring of Bright Water) was present. The two ‘otter men’ bristled visibly.

Two early (unpublished) essays

Williamson, Henry

43 (Sep. 2007): 66-7

Found among the paper of the late Phyllis ('Filly') Taylor, 'A North Devon Retreat' and 'The Wind Whispers' are interesting as examples of HW's earliest work.


Truthful Poem by an Ex-Service Man, Written by an unemployed ex-soldier
34 (Sep. 2000): 36
Facsimile copy of poem of disillusionment at conditions after WW1.
The Two Maddisons
Painter, George D.
5 (May 1982): 30-3
A review of Love and the Loveless first published in The Aylesford Review, vol. 11, no. 6, Spring 1959.
Two postcards of Lydford Gorge
36 (Sep. 2000): 26
Reproduction of pictures and text: thought to have been sent to HW by Jo Radford.
The Ultimate Accolade
Shepherd, Fred
NL6 (Mar. 2000): 21
Obituary of Richard Frere, author of entry on HW in the Dictionary of National Biography (now replaced by new ed.).
Unpublished ‘Introduction’ to The Star-born
Williamson, Henry
36 (Sep. 2000): 61-9
Facsimile reproduction of the typescript, heavily corrected by HW in ms, written 1932. Previously unpublished in its entirety it does much to explain the ethos of the book. (Document in HW archive, Special Collections at Exeter University, England.)