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Gaffer (an extract from Take it to Bed)
Wyndham Lewis, D.B.
35 (Sep. 1999): 26
A short parody of HW as farmer on his Norfolk Farm c. 1940, by a personal friend of HW – ‘Beachcomber’ of the Daily Express.
A Gaultshire Guide
Skipper, Tom and Joan
7 (May 1983): 23-9
A detailed guide to the area of Bedfordshire around Aspley Guise. A sketch map indicates places mentioned in the novels.
The Genius of Friendship (Part I)
Williamson, Anne
27 (Mar. 1993): 18-35
An examination of the relationship between T.E. Lawrence and HW. [Regrettably a large number of typographical errors crept into this article. Serious scholars should consult AW.]
The Genius of Friendship (Part II)
Williamson, Anne
28 (Sep. 1993): 7-21
The second part of an article which examines the links between T.E. Lawrence and HW, with special reference to Richard Aldington.
The Gentleman’s River
Williamson, Henry
33 (Sep. 1997): 69-71
Reprint of an article on the Taw first published in Country Life.
O'Keeffe, Kevin
6 (Oct. 1982): 25
A poem, dedicated to HW.
Georgeham Memories
Brown, Arthur
32 (Sep. 1996): 37-41
Recollections of Arthur Brown, resident of Georgeham, illustrated with correspondence concerning the building of the studio at Ox’s Cross.
The Georgeham Village Hall Sign Incident
Lamplugh, Lois
29 (Mar. 1994): 44-6
An account of the incident when HW (and others) papered over the Village Institute sign.
The German 'Beautiful Years'
Reschke, Horst A.
9 (Mar. 1984): 39-42
The effect that a gift of Die Schonen Jahre had on a German boy in 1940, and details of his subsequent correspondence with HW.
The Gift
Wake, Bryan
23 (Mar. 1991): 28
A poetic tribute to Loetitia Williamson at ninety years of age.

The Gold Falcon: A Morality Play in Prose?

Williamson, Anne

45 (Sep. 2009): 3-24

A detailed analysis of The Gold Falcon and the background of its writing, with details of HW's New York sojourn in 1930-31, including copies of contemporary newspaper cuttings.

The Gold Falcon Limited Edition Dedicated Copies

Williamson, Anne

45 (Sep. 2009): 27-8

Just nine specially bound copies of The Gold Falcon Limited Edition were produced, according to HW's archive, and the individual dedications are reproduced in full.
Good Husbandry
Conford, Philip
35 (Sep. 1999): 27-34
An account of the organic movement which includes mention of several people who were close friends of HW, inc. Richard de la Mare, Adrian Bell, John Middleton Murry and Francis Yeats-Brown, and with reference to The Story of a Norfolk Farm.
The Grand Surprize
Lewis, Peter
23 (Mar. 1991): 32-9
An investigation of the Camberwell Beauty and its place in The Dark Lantern, prompted by the discovery of a specimen found at an antique fair.

The Great War in the Writings of Henry Williamson

Gregory, John

43 (Sep. 2007): 68-91

Examination through various archive sources of the progression of thought, deed, and final written accounts of people and events of the First World War in HW’s life and writings.
Great Writers of Angling: Fishers of Men
Bailey, John
31 (Sep. 1995): 86-9
A reprint of a chapter from The Great Anglers which summarises the contribution made by HW.
The Green Desert
Williamson, Henry
10 (Oct. 1984): 5-10
An article first published in the Daily Telegraph Magazine (1969) in which HW recalls the changes observed in the Devon countryside since 1914.
A Group of Soldiers
Williamson, Anne
34 (Sep. 1998): 94-6
A brief description of a C.R.W. Nevinson drawing and an account of his relationship with HW.

Grove Street Blues: Places and People from Henry Williamson's First Trip to North America 1930-1

Burns, Walker

45 (Sep. 2009): 33-54

A detailed illustrated exploration of HW's first visit to the US, identifying the apartment in which he stayed, and covering his visit to New Hampshire, with digressions on HW's US publishers and Herbert Faulkner West. Included are coloured reproductions of the US editions of HW's books.
The Haggards of Ditchingham House
Cheyne, Commander Mark
35 (Sep. 1999): 73-7
Talk given at the HWS dinner, Spring Meeting 1999, by the nephew of Lilias Rider Haggard (with whom HW collaborated on A Norfolk Life) and grandson of Sir Henry Rider Haggard (author, She, King Solomon’s Mines etc.). Commander Cheyne and his wife Nada were also friends of Ida Loetitia Williamson and the family at Ditchingham, Norfolk. This lively and interesting piece provides an intimate background to the story of the Haggards & their life in Ditchingham.
Haig, Field Marshal Sir Douglas: An Appreciation
Terraine, John
19 (Mar. 1989): 5-12
The text of a talk, given at the Society's Devon meeting in 1988. which tries to assess the true worth of Haig.
'Ham': Henry Williamson's Village in the 1930s
Lewis, Peter
31 (Sep. 1995): 47-58
A detailed description of the state of Georgeham and its inhabitants.

Hamlet and Modern Life

Williamson, Henry

45 (Sep. 2009): 58-80

Lecture given at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, 10 February 1931. A reproduction of the original typescript with manuscript corrections.
A Haunted Place
Miller, Hamish
37 (Sep. 2001): 81-91
A description of the St Michael's Leyline where it passes through Lydford.
The Hawthornden Prize
Lewis, Peter
26 (Sep. 1992): 32-49
An account of the origins of the Hawthornden Prize and the effects that its award had on HW.

The Hawthornden Prize

Coultas, Michael

46 (Sep. 2010): 87-9

A summary of the history of the prize with a list of prizewinners, updating that given in Peter Lewis's article published in Journal no. 26, Sep. 1992.
Helena Rolls' Brooch
Williamson, Anne
33 (Sep. 1997): 48-9
Archival support for the existence of HW s rejected gift. Episode in Chronicle, WW1.
Henry: One of the Faces at the Window
Wiggin, Maurice
36 (Sep. 2000): 91-4
A reminiscence by Maurice Wiggin (celebrated journalist) who knew HW well, which first appeared as ‘Hermit of Ox’s Cross’ in the Sunday Times, 1 June 1958, and was included in his book Faces at the Window.
Henry Williamson
Elwin, Malcolm
10 (Oct. 1984): 11-18
A biographical piece published in Little Reviews Anthology (1946).
Henry Williamson
Kershaw, Alister
28 (Sep. 1993): 24-33
A chapter from The Pleasure of their Company describing a friendship begun after HW sold his farm.
Henry Williamson
Seago, Edward
31 (Sep. 1995): 82-4
A personal recollection by the artist which includes a reproduction of his portrait of HW.

Henry Williamson: F.O.O. and the Battle of Loos

Walker, Ian

43 (Sep. 2007): 5-12

A short exposition of the Battle of Loos, revealing HW’s use of material from With the Guns (FOO, 1916) for his climbing the ‘Tower’ scene in A Fox Under My Cloak.
Henry Williamson and his Writings: A Personal View
Wilson, Colin
2 (Oct. 1980): 9-20
Recollections of meetings with HW, with an assessment of his work.
Henry Williamson and The Aylesford Review
Sewell, Brocard
13 (Mar. 1986): 5-9
A revised version of a talk given to the Society in 1985 describing the inception and development of the St Albert's Press and The Aylesford Review with details of HW's support.
Henry Williamson and the BBC
Gregory, John
29 (Mar. 1994): 5-32
A detailed account of HW's involvement with the BBC.
Henry Williamson and the Battles of the Somme
Fullagar, Brian
23 (Mar. 1991): 6-9
A piece originally written as part of an information pack accompanying a battlefield tour (July, 1990).
Henry Williamson and the BUF
Robins, Peter K.
10 (Oct. 1984): 28-9
A reassessment of HW's links with the BUF, prompted by the release of Home Office files.
Henry Williamson and the Generation of 1914
Jones, Nigel
9 (Mar. 1984): 16-23
The text of a paper read at the AGM of the Society in 1983 examining the effect of war experience on a generation of writers.
Henry Williamson and the Kaiserschlacht
Reed, Paul
18 (Sep. 1988): 12-15
An examination of the events and characters of the 1918 retreat and their relevance to A Test to Destruction.
Henry Williamson and Wilfrid Meynell
Sewell, Brocard
15 (Mar. 1987): 18-22
A brief correspondence between HW and Wilfrid Meynell, patron of Francis Thompson.

Henry Williamson as Educational Thinker

Harris, Will

42 (Sep. 2006): 61-6

HW’s views on education looked at within its social context.
Henry Williamson at Stiffkey
Phillips, Bernard
4 (Nov. 1981): 37-8
An account by a local journalist who accompanied the HW Society with Margaret, Richard and Loetitia Williamson around Old Hall Farm.
Henry Williamson, Broadcaster
Belsey, Valerie R.
8 (Oct. 1983): 22-3
A summary of HW's work for the BBC.
Henry Williamson, Farmer
Serjeant, Ben
5 (May 1982): 14-17
An assessment of HW's time as a farmer in Norfolk.
Henry Williamson in Conversation with Kenneth Allsop
Allsop, Kenneth
9 (Mar. 1984): 27-36
A transcript of a recording of Personal Choice (1968).

Henry Williamson in uniform, 1919, Folkestone. Photograph (HWLE)

39 (Sep. 2003): 29

Sitting on the steps of Mabs Baker’s (the fictional Eve Fairfax) house.
Henry Williamson: The Early Chronicle and the Country and the City
Brandon, Peter
3 (May 1981): 11-20
An examination of the first three novels of the Chronicle with emphasis on the relationship between the London suburb and the adjacent countryside.

Henry Williamson, Today and Yesterday
Cullen, Stephen

14 (Sep. 1986): 18-22

An analysis of HW's philosophy.

Henry Williamson Society: The First 30 Years

Starr, Eric

NL17 (Mar. 2011): 42-3

One member's recollections of the first years of the Society.

The Henry Williamson Society Website and E-mail Register

Gregory, John

NL15 (Mar. 2009): 27-8

Ann announcement of the launch of the revised new-look Society website.
Henry Williamson's Bedfordshire Roots
Skipper, Tom and Joan
6 (Oct. 1982): 26-31
An exploration of HW's connections with Bedfordshire including a family tree showing the Williamson/Turney relationship.
Henry Williamson's Contribution to Mosley's Action
Dilnot, Alan
22 (Sep. 1990): 18-21
An account of HW's brief association with the BUF newspaper.

Henry Williamson's The Flax of Dream

   (link to first part; second part)
Blench, Dr J.W.
20 (Sep. 1989): 5-27


A discussion of HW's intentions in writing The Flax of Dream and an appreciation of his achievement.

Henry Williamson's Handwriting

Shearer, Elizabeth

46 (Sep. 2010): 96

An analysis by a member of the British Academy of Graphology which concludes that HW's handwriting portrays a contradictory nature: on the one hand someone with a brilliant mind and great intellectual capacity, and on the other a difficult and irascible character – a man more admired and respected than loved, but never dull to be around.

Henry's Desert Island Discs Revisited

Smith, Stuart

42 (Sep. 2006): 46-60

A closer look at some elements of Romantic music with reference to HW’s choice of musical preferences. Includes illustrative material.

Henry's Hayling Holidays

Walker, Robert

46 (Sep. 2010): 15-28

A 'then and now' look at Hayling island, site of childhood holidays for HW, which he fictionalised in a chapter of Donkey Boy, describing a Maddison family holiday there. The article ends with a surprising revelation. Illustrated with photographs both contemporary and present day showing particular locations named in the book.
Henry's Owls
Lewis, Peter
22 (Sep. 1990): 5-13
A survey of HW's lifelong association with owls.

Henry's Visit to the New World 1930-1: Known Facts and Dates

Williamson, Anne

45 (Sep. 2009): 31-2

A list of verifiable dates and events.
Hermit of Ox's Cross
Wiggin, Maurice
11 (Apr. 1985): 6-8
A description of a visit made in 1958, in the Sunday Times.

Holiday postcards from William Leopold Williamson  

36 (Sept. 2000): 85-7

Reproduction of postcards and their messages sent by HW’s father to his family while on his annual cycling holidays to the West Country (England) in the early years of the twentieth century. These holidays feature in the Chronicle as taken by Richard Maddison.
The Honour of Life
Walker, Ronald
27 (Mar. 1993): 5-17
The text of an address given to the Society (1991): a wide-ranging appreciation of HW.
Frances Horovitz, A Tribute to
Sewell, Brocard
9 (Mar. 1984): 24-6
An obituary which includes a reference to her friendship with HW.
Honeymoon 1925: Some postcards from the Battlefields
34 (Sep. 1998): 34-9
Selection of postcards from HW’s honeymoon tour of the Battlefields.
How Good is Tarka the Otter as Literature?
Blench, Dr J.W.
22 (Sep. 1990): 22-37
An article which first appeared in The Durham University Journal (1987) discussing the artistic achievement of Tarka the Otter.
HW inscriptions in books by him belonging to the Radford family
37 (Sep. 2001): 84-7
Supplied by Tony Evans with kind permission of the Radford family, this item follows on from Tony Evans’ illuminating article in HWSJ 36 (Sep. 2000), on HW’s connections with the Radford family in the early 1920s at the time when he was writing The Star-born. The Radfords lived at Lydford Gorge, the setting for this book.

The HWS Collection

Hoyle, David

5 (May 1982): 37

A short explanation of access arrangements to the nascent Society archive collection housed at Exeter University Library, begun by the donation of Fr Brocard Sewell's HW book collection, combined with an appeal for further donations.
I Believe in the Men Who Died
Williamson, Henry
34 (Sep. 1998): 48-51
Three different workings of an article which appeared in the Daily Express in 1928.
I Have Sold My Norfolk Farm
Williamson, Henry
17 (Mar. 1988): 23-4
An article which first appeared in the Daily Express (1945) in which HW looks back over eight years of farming.

Imaginary but True: Henry Williamson's Wakenham, Pt I

Shepherd, Fred

39 (Sep. 2003): 6-17

Examination of the fictional scenario of Wakenham with that of the real-life Lewisham, places and people, including Colfe’s Grammar School, illustrated with photographs of locations.

Imaginary but True: Henry Williamson's Wakenham, Pts II & III

Shepherd, Fred

44 (Sep. 2008): 60-70

A continuation on Part I.

'The Immortal Corn': notes on an envelope

Williamson, Henry

40 (Sep. 2004): 78-9

Notes for a proposed film about the Norfolk farm, which remained unmade.
In Defence of Creative Genius
Loates, Michael
13 (Mar. 1986): 40-1
A response to the view of HW presented in Ian Niall's book Portrait of a Country Artist (1980).

In the Beginning

Faulkner, Peter

47 (Sep. 2011): 10-20

An illustrated memoir of Society meetings during the years 1981-87.
In the Monkey House
Hoyle, David
4 (Nov. 1981): 6-16
An examination of HW's association with fascism.
In Honour of Henry
Williamson, Richard
9 (Mar. 1984): 5-6
The text of a speech given by Richard Williamson on the occasion of the opening of the restored Writing Hut in 1983.
The Incalculable Hour
Blench, Dr J.W.
8 (Oct. 1983): 18-21
The discovery of J Quiddington West's book from which HW took the title The Flax of Dream.
The Incalculable Hour
J. Quiddington West
31 (Sep. 1995): 28-32
A reprint of the symbolic fable pseudonymously written by HW's aunt Mary Leopoldina Williamson.
The Influence of Richard Jefferies upon Henry Williamson (I)
Blench, Dr J.W.
25 (Mar. 1992): 5-20
A detailed examination of the thought of Jefferies mirrored in the writings of HW.

The Influence of Richard Jefferies upon Henry Williamson (II)

    (link to first part; second part)
Blench, Dr J.W.
26 (Sep. 1992): 5-31


A continuation of the examination of the thought of Jefferies in the writings of HW.

Introduction to Tarka the Otter

Finch, Robert

46 (Sep. 2010): 5-14

A reprint of the excellent Introduction to the 1990 US paperback edition of Tarka published by Beacon Press, Boston, Mass.
The Ironic Mode: Aldington and Williamson
Onions, John
31 (Sep. 1995): 77-81
A reprint of a chapter from English Fiction and Drama of the Great War, 1918-39 in which is discussed the contributions of Aldington and HW to war literature.

The Invention of Tarka

Darlington, Miriam

47 (Sep. 2011): 104

A poem, first published in the collection Windfall as 'The Invention of Otter'.