The Society organises two weekend meetings each year. The Annual General Meeting is held in early October in Barnstaple, North Devon. Spring meetings take place in various locations with a particular Williamson connection, such as the Lewisham area of London, North Norfolk, and Bedfordshire. In 2017 the venue was Carshalton, which, as Cross Aulton, was the setting for Richard Maddison and Hetty Turney's courtship in The Dark Lantern, the first volume of A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight.



A weekend programme typically includes a major presentation and Society Supper on the Saturday evening, with talks, discussions, slides, displays, films, walks and visits to places of especial Williamson interest occurring over the rest of the weekend. Other events such as the London-based 'Study Days' attract a healthy following. Smaller local meetings are encouraged and draw considerable support. Local meetings provide an opportunity to meet and talk with people who share an interest in Henry Williamson.



Tours of the Battlefields of France have also been arranged, and places on these are highly sought after.






Study Day: Saturday, 18 March: A visit to the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ. A PDF giving fuller details about the day is available via the link.



Spring Meeting: 19–20 May, at Cross Aulton.



Autumn Meeting and AGM: 6–8 October, at The Park Hotel, Barnstaple. The meeting will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the publication of Tarka the Otter. Details of the weekend's programme are available via the link.



Southern Area (Redhill) Meeting: Saturday, 25 November at the Harlequin Centre, Redhill. Details are available via the link.







Study Day: Saturday, 3 March, at The Swedenborg Hall, Barter Street, Holborn. The subject for the day is 'All things linkèd are', a quotation from Francis Thompson. An explanation about the day is given via the link; further details will be issued in due course.



Spring Meeting: 1820 May: A visit to 'Richard Jefferies Country'. Details to be announced in due course.



Autumn Meeting and AGM: 57 October. Details to be announced in due course.



Southern Area (Redhill) Meeting: November. Date and details to be announced in due course.







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