Prior to 1995


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Henry Williamson: The Man, The Writings – A Symposium, Tabb House, 1980. Essays written by people who knew Williamson at the time of his death in 1977. This is now solely distributed by the Henry Williamson Society: visit our Online Bookshop for full details.


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The Dreamer of Devon, Ulysses Press, 1932. Reprinted in HWSJ, No. 31, Centenary Issue (Sept. 1995), pp. 62-70. Back numbers of this issue are still available from our Online Bookshop.





Henry Williamson



Williamson, Anne, Henry Williamson: Tarka and the Last Romantic, Sutton Publishing, 1995; p/b edn 1997

A comprehensive biography which draws on the primary source material from Williamson's own archive: his diaries, journals and papers, and family memories, providing a uniquely detailed and intimate portrait of this gifted and complex man. Of particular interest is the large number of photographs and facsimile extracts from letters and manuscripts.


Regrettably both editions are now out of print.





Henry Williamson and the First World War



  Williamson, Anne, Henry Williamson and the First World War

A full account of Henry Williamson’s war service, including reproduction of all his letters home from the Front Line, his diaries, and his Army Notebooks, photographs and illustrations, giving a vividly immediate and detailed picture of life in the Front Line and in England at that time.


Sutton Publishing, 1998, p/b edn 2004
ISBN: 978-0-7509-3552-9, £8.99


Regrettably both editions are out of print.



lawrence thumb


T. E. Lawrence: Correspondence with Henry Williamson. Edited by Jeremy Wilson, with an introduction by Anne Williamson, Castle Hill Press 1999.

Jeremy Wilson is the author of the definite biography of T. E. Lawrence, and is editing a whole series of volumes of letters between TEL and various eminent people, particularly George Bernard Shaw and his wife Charlotte. Castle Hill Press is Jeremy Wilson’s own publishing house. Jeremy Wilson is also Chairman of the T. E. Lawrence Society.


Castle Hill Press, The White Cottage, Woodgreen Common, Fordingbridge, Hants. SP6 2BD

Tel: 01725 512 564



Henry Williamson: A Bibliography  

Matthews, Hugoe, Henry Williamson: A Bibliography

This innovative and indispensable work documents all Henry Williamson's known publications – his own books; contributions to work by other authors; and his many articles or letters in newspapers and magazines. For each of the main books there is a physical description and a list of contents, with notes on the background to the work and any previous publication of the material. The book provides a compact but comprehensive bibliographical introduction to all Williamson's work in a volume that is practical and portable.


Halsgrove, 2004

ISBN: 978-1-84114-364-4, hardback, £19.95 NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH THE SOCIETY AT £5.00


Copies are available from our Online Bookshop.


Society Journal





The Henry Williamson Society Journal contains reviews, correspondence, reminiscences, original and fugitive texts by, criticism of, and articles based on research into, Henry Williamson’s life and writings. Its wide and varied content has greatly added to the knowledge and understanding of this foremost writer. A Centenary Issue was published in September 1995 to commemorate his birth in 1895, while Issue No. 34, September 1998, is devoted solely to the First World War, including some detailed material it was not possible to publish in Henry Williamson and the First World War (see above).



For further information about contents, see our Society Journals page for details.


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An important ongoing website resource:


Anne Williamson, A Life’s Work. A fully descriptive and illustrated bibliography of Henry Williamson’s writings, making full use of unique archival material, including diaries, letters, manuscripts and typescripts, and photographs.