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Coultas, Michael

46 (Sep. 2010): 89-90

An investigation into the location of the cliffs of 'Valhalla' on the South Devon coast, and which features in The Innocent Moon and It was the Nightingale


The Vanishing Hedgerows: Reflections on a Musical Theme
Lewis, Paul
33 (Sep 1997): 72-5
Background to the score which accompanied David Cobham's film, by the composer.
The ‘Victory Day' Chapters of The Dream of Fair Women
Walker, Ronald
7 (May 1983): 10-16
An examination of HW's description of the Folkestone victory celebrations in 1919.
A Visit to Henry Williamson
Thomas, Ann
10 (Oct. 1984): 30-7
An account of a first visit to HW by the daughter of the poet Edward Thomas. First published in John O'London's Weekly (1932).
A Visit to the Royal Society of Literature
Shepherd, Fred
21 (Sep. 1996): 35-6
An exploration, through correspondence, of HW’s association with the RSL.
Voices of the Visions of the Night
Williamson, Mary Leopoldina
37 (Sep. 2001): 67-70
Reprint of a 45-page octavo book, published about 1910. Written by HW’s aunt, the visionary Romantic ambience and ideas in this book are the underlying influence of Williamson’s original writing of The Star-born in 1921 (actually published 1933, rev. ed. 1948) (see Anne Williamson, ‘A Daffodyll in the grasses of Mankind’ HWSJ 36, Sep. 2000, pp. 28-49, where this is discussed briefly on p. 29 as part of the background of The Star-born).
Kathleen Walker: An Appreciation
Harris, Will
21 (Mar. 1990): 49
An obituary.
Walter Wilkinson
Emerson, June
17 (Mar. 1988): 28
A tentative connection between HW and Walter Wilkinson, puppeteer.
A Wartime Summer's Morn
Jordan, Douglas ('Lump'/'Ackers' in HW's books)
NL3 (Mar. 1997): 24-5
Reminiscences of the Norfolk farm during WW2.

Waveney Girvan: Founder of the West Country Writers' Association

Bonham-Carter, Victor
33 (Sep. 1997): 54-6

The inauguration of a writers' magazine and the influence of its founder.
The 'Weather-Vane Soul' of Henry Williamson
Crawford, Fred D.
30 (Sep. 1994): 5-21
An article which describes HW's involvement in the controversial biography of T.E. Lawrence by Richard Aldington.
What Time in Mists Confounds
Fullagar, Brian
24 (Sep. 1991): 5-18
A contemplation of natural history writing with reference to HW, James Farrar and Richard Jefferies.
What’s in a Name: Watkins and Doncaster
Shepherd, Fred
NL7 (Mar. 2001): 29-30
Background of the taxidermist firm featuring in How Dear is Life.

Wheeling Down to Easterbacon

Kitts, Barry

42 (Sep. 2006): 77-92

Follows the journey by bicycle made by HW (and thus Phillip Maddison) in boyhood from his home at 11 Eastern road, Brockley, SE London, to Squerryes Court in Westerham ('Easterbacon', in HW's secret code), with historical facts about the scenery and buildings passed. Includes contemporaneous illus.

Derek White, Obituary

Starr, Eric and Waugh, Pam

NL15 (Mar. 2009): 48-9

This short obituary tells of the book swaps held at Society meetings, presided over by Derek since their inception in the 1980s. An ex-bookseller, he gave a talk on book collecting and the book world at the Redhill meeting in 1996. A supporter of his wife Margaret's involvement in the Society, his own interest in HW was confined to the books themselves as commercial items. Derek died just before Christmas 2008.
Why I Think Henry Williamson is Still Worth Reading
Hoyle, David
11 (Apr. 1985): 15-28
An examination of HW's writings with special emphasis on The Golden Virgin.

A Wild Goose Chase

Williamson, Henry (with John Gawsworth)

47 (Sep. 2011): 93-8

Recounting the search for a supposed alternative ending to Wilfrid Ewart's bestselling 1921 war novel Way of Revelation.
A Williamson Family Bible
Shepherd, Fred
NL2 (Mar. 1996): 18-19
An account of a two-voume Bible found in a bookshop signed by William Williamson 1818, and inscribed with details of his family.
Will the Real Literary Heritage Please Stand Up?
Russell, Richard
8 (Oct. 1983): 15-17
What list of books should constitute HW's 'real literary heritage'?
Willie Maddison's Epitaph for Mary Ogilvy
Lamplugh, Lois
24 (Sep. 1991): 19
The mystery of the origins of the epitaph quoted in The Pathway.
A Winter's Tale
Lewis, Peter
29 (Mar. 1994): 48-50
An expedition to Warren House Inn.
Withypool: June 1940
Williamson, Henry
35 (Sep. 1999): 69-72
Facsimile reprint of an essay which appeared in The Adelphi, 1944, with small MS notes added by HW. Here HW describes a visit to Withypool (on Exmoor, Devon) in June 1940 at the home of Alfred Munnings (famous artist), and how, sleepless in bed, his mind had ranged back to the First World War, and on to thoughts about Exmoor. The next morning artist and writer go for a walk over the moor, but although happy, HW’s thoughts return to the tragedy of war.

Wits Misery

Williamson, Henry

40 (Sep. 2004): 74-7

Four pages of TS for the opening of the proposed sequel to The Story of a Norfolk Farm; it was never published, and the material was subsequently used in the farming volumes of ACofAS.

Woburn, 7–8 May 1988

Syme, Kenneth

18 (Sep. 1988): 53

A report of the Spring Meeting of the Society in 1988.
The Worcester Park Jelly Dogs
Kitts, Barry
30 (Sep. 1994): 23-31
An exploration of the area described in 'My Day with the Beagles', a story from The Old Stag.
Words on the West Wind
Williamson, Henry
6 (Oct. 1982): 5-11
A piece HW wrote for The Adelphi (vol. 25, January–March 1949). It is wide-ranging and concerns his field at Ox's Cross; contrasting personalities in Georgeham; editorial correspondence of The Adelphi and some book reviews.
Works of Henry Williamson
Haines, Helen E.
20 (Sep. 1989): 30-2
An article taken from HW's scrapbook containing a review of his work in an American newspaper.
The Zeppelin Raid
Read, Joan
18 (Sep. 1988): 38
An examination of a Zeppelin raid on London in 1917, with reference to events described by HW in The Golden Virgin.