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Jacob Tonson and the Rehabilitation of Henry Williamson
Dilnot, Alan
10 (Oct. 1984): 23-7
A review of a series of articles published in the Eastern Daily Press during the Second World War by HW under the pseudonym 'Jacob Tonson'.
James Farrar: An Important Postscript
Odin Pearse, Daphne
17 (Mar. 1988): 25
Details of the collection of James Farrar manuscripts in Exeter University Library.

A Jaunt to Belgium

Jowett, Tony

39 (Sep. 2003): 85-96

A visit to the Ursuline Convent at Thildonck, Belgium, as featured in Young Phillip Maddison (ACofAS, vol. 3, 1953), reveals fascinating details of its history and some amazing new information about the Williamson family background.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (re bicentenary of)

Williamson, Henry; Schweitzer, Albert

42 (Sep. 2006): 36-7

Reproductions of items from The Adelphi, vol. 26, no. 1, Autumn 1949, with regard to Goethe’s bicentenary, including review of a new translation of Faust by HW, and a quotation from a paper written by Albert Schweitzer to celebrate that anniversary.
John Clibbert Thomas
Lewis, Peter
NL5 (Mar. 1999): 52-5
A portrait of a Georgeham village character who was the postman and sexton, who features as ‘Mules’ in several of HW’s books.

Journal of a Norfolk Farmer

Williamson, Henry

40 (Sep. 2004): 72-3

Four pages from HW's pocket notebook marked 'NOTES for Revision of A NORFOLK FARMER AT WAR'.

Journalism: The Public Face of the Norfolk Farm

Gregory, John

40 (Sep. 2004): 5-36

An exploration of HW's Norfolk Farm venture as described by him in a series of articles in the Daily Express in the late 1930s; together with Picture Post photographs of a shoot in Norfolk in Nov. 1943 at which HW was present, some never before published.

Keeping the Wolf from the Door

Gregory, John

39 (Sep. 2003): 66-84

An in-depth examination of HW’s early journalistic writings in the early 1920s, illustrated with many facsimile reproductions of primary source material. An excellent insight into the beginning of HW’s career as journalist and writer.
Kippered at Ox's Cross
Williamson, Richard
33 (Sep. 1997): 42-4
Recollections of summer holidays spent at the field.

Kneelers for St Lukes

Evans, Tony

NL16 (Mar. 2010): 38

A short description of the dedication service for 6 new kneelers at the small Exmoor church, one of which was funded by the Society, appropriately enough featuring an embroidered otter.
The Last 100 Days
Williamson, Henry
34 (Sep. 1998): 52-65
Facsimile of autograph, typescript, and printed versions of a series of articles which were published in the Daily Express in 1928.
The Last Summer
Williamson, Henry
11 (Apr. 1985): 9-14
An article first printed in the Sunday Times Magazine in August 1964, in which HW describes the summer of 1914. Subsequently reprinted in the HWS collection From a Country Hilltop.
Leaning on Hardy's Gate
Walker, Ronald
25 (Mar. 1992): 26-7
A discussion of the influence of Thomas Hardy on the descriptive writings of HW.
The Learned Pig
Williamson, Anne
36 (Sep. 2000): 73
The Learned Pig was a horse and is referred to in The Star-born. In real life the horse belonged to Leicester Hibbert, grandfather of HW’s first wife, Ida Loetitia Hibbert, After its death Hibbert had one of its hoofs made into a silver-mounted inkwell. This item, with details slightly changed, features in The Pathway.


Williamson, Anne

NL15 (Mar. 2009): 13-14

An open letter to the members, following her retirement as Editor of the HWS Journal, after 24 years in the post and 34 issues.
Letters found on Germans during the Somme Battle, extracts from
34 (Sep. 2000): 24-5
Facsimile copy of document in HW’s archive dating from WW1.

Letters from Henry to Loetitia Williamson, North America 1930-1

Williamson, Anne, selected by

45 (Sep. 2009): 55-7

A selection of extracts.

Letters to Brian Busby

White, Margaret

30 (Sep. 1994): 43-46

An article about some of the letters that HW wrote to his nephew, together with extracts.
Lewisham 1984
Fullagar, Brian
10 (Oct. 1984): 39-41
A description of events attending the unveiling of a commemorative plaque in Eastern Road in 1984.
The Lewisham of Henry Williamson
Fullagar, Brian
31 (Sep. 1995): 33-42
An account of the area which features strongly in much of HW's writing illustrated with a map and many photographs.
Life with Father
Williamson, Robert
15 (Mar. 1987): 41-6
The transcript of a talk drawing on childhood memories.

Life Was of the Same Moment of Truth
Short, Peter
37 (Sep. 2001): 80-3

A response to The Star-born via HW’s expression of his own spirituality within this book: the title is a quotation from It Was The Nightingale (vol. 10, A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight, ch. 1, p. 14).
The Light of Khristos
Sanders, Brian
36 (Sep. 2000): 5-6
A short commentary on the plot and flow of The Star-born (pub. 1933, rev. ed. 1948) which accompanied readings from the book after the HWS dinner, Tavistock (Lydford, Devon), May 2000.
Light on The Pathway
Evans, Tony
33 (Sep. 1997): 25-41
A profusely illustrated description of the area around Braunton, showing the connections with The Pathway.
Like Peeling an Onion
Serjeant, Ben
37 (Sep. 2001): 78
Response to The Star-born, linking its ethos to John Clare (English poet and writer).
Glanfield, John
5 (May 1982): 5-13
A detailed examination of 21 Eastern Road (11 Hillside Road in the Chronicle) complete with floor plan.

A Literary Collaboration: The Wet Flanders Plain

Archer, Jeremy

44 (Sep. 2008): 83-90

A background to the writing and particularly the publication of the limited edition of The Wet Flanders Plain, detailing the collaboration between HW, Cyril Beaumont, the publisher, and Randolph Schwabe, the artist.
Literary Lives, ed. John Sutherland (OUP, 2001, ISBN 0-19-860406-8)
Williamson, Anne (Review)
38 (Sep. 2002): 92
125 of the original entries in the field of twentieth-century literature from the old Dictionary of National Biography, which includes Richard Frere on HW.

The Literary Qualities of Henry Williamson's Writings set in Norfolk

Blench, Dr J.W.
12 (Sep. 1985) 10-29

An assessment of HW's Norfolk-based work in the Chronicle, The Storv of a Norfolk Farm, The Phasian Bird, and various articles.
Living in Georgeham
Stokes, David
12 (Sep. 1985): 41-9
The transcript of a talk given to the Society during a walk around Georgeham in 1984.
The London Highlanders
Cole, Peter
14 (Sep. 1984): 6-17
A comparison between real events in the Great War and HW's novels of the period.
Love and the Loveless
34 (Sep. 1988): 68-73
A selection of HW’s sketches for the cover.
Lost Rivers of the Salmonidae
Kitts, Barry
32 (Sep. 1996): 57-65
An examination of three rivers, the Hogsmill, Wandle and Ravensbourne, and the surrounding area (HW’s childhood haunts), with reference to their influence of Richard Jefferies and HW.
Lucy: A Woman's Eye View
White, Margaret
22 (Sep. 1990): 15-17
An appreciation of the character 'Lucy' in the Chronicle.

Lydford Gorge: sketch map

Anne Williamson

36 (Sep. 2000): 27

The Lynton & Barnstaple Railway and its Founder
Lewis, Peter
32 (Sep. 1996): 24-34
A history of the narrow-gauge railway described in several of HW's books.