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George Duncan Painter (1914–2005)

Williamson, Anne

42 (Sep. 2006): 95

An obituary of the incunabulist & biographer; referred to HW as ‘the English Proust’.
Parallels with Steiner
Clarke, Chris
37 (Sep. 2001): 79
Response to The Star-born, linking its ethos to the educationalist Rudolf Steiner: 'The individual Self is part of the Self of All'.

George L. Parker (1923-2008)

Parrott, Michael

NL15 (Mar. 2009): 47

An obituary and appreciation of George, well known to many Society members and a regular at meetings, whose other interests included youth movements, the Marines (a distinguished career), a love of music, travelling and walking.

A Patriot’s Progress: Henry Williamson and the First World War, Anne Williamson (Sutton Publishing, 1998)
Blench, Dr J. Wheatley

36 (Sep. 2000): 95-6

Dr Blench feels that the book is valuable as an accurate and detailed account of HW’s life during the war, including full reproduction of his letters home, his diary entries and his military notebooks kept in the battlefield, which also have an historical usefulness as a record of that war. These real -life facts can be related to and compared with his later writings.

A Patriot’s Progress: Henry Williamson and the First World War,Anne Williamson (Sutton Publishing, 1998)

Rawling, William (Review)
37 (Sep. 2001): 96

A reprint of a review by William Rawling (National Defence HQ, Ottawa, Canada) which first appeared in Albion, vol. 32, no. 1, Spring 2000 (Appalachian State University, Boone, USA) a quarterly journal concerned with British studies. Rawling considers the book, with its multi-level narrative which captures the variety and subtleties that made up a soldier’s experience, to be a primary source for the historian of the First World War. Anne Williamson reproduces Henry Williamson’s letters home to his mother, his diary entries, and his official field notebooks and interweaves them into commentary on the fabric of the war on the western front in Flanders and at home, his family and friends and the social history of England at that time.

Pauper Spirits

Brown, Andy

39 (Sep. 2003): 18-27

An in-depth investigation into the routine and staff at Colfe’s Grammar School as it was at the time HW attended, and comparison with fictional representation in Dandelion Days (1922).
Peace in War
Williamson, Henry
31 (Sep. 1995): 85
A review of Peace in War by Edward Seago (Collins, 1943).
The Perfect Stranger
Jordan, Douglas
21 (Mar. 1990): 30-4
A description of HW's Norfolk farm prompted by the making of a radio programme.
The Phasian Bird
Williamson, Richard
35 (Sep. 1999): 78-83
Here Richard gives the background to the writing of HW’s book about a Reeve’s pheasant on the Norfolk Farm, drawing on his own memories and pertinent documents, inc. the importance of music, particularly Bach’s B Minor Mass.

Phillip Maddison and the Decca Trench Gramophone

Macfarlane, David

42 (Sep. 2006): 67-76

An examination of the importance of Phillip’s possession of a Decca Trench Gramophone and the effect of his choice of records to play on it, as woven into the war vols of ACofAS. Includes photo and reprod. of contemporaneous advert.
The Phoenix and the Turtle
Shakespeare, William
28 (Sep. 1993): 4
A poem referred to in the Editorial and used to preface the essay 'Threnos to T.E. Lawrence' by HW.
A Phoenix of the Salient
Fullagar, Brian
27 (Mar. 1993): 38-9
A description of the area known as the Ypres Salient, with reference to The Wet Flanders Plain and the Chronicle.
Photographs, a selection from the early era
38 (Sep. 2002): 29-32
Photographs from the archive of HW and family, and places associated with his early life which feature in his published work, including owlets kept briefly by HW and the basis for one of his earliest published newspaper items (see AW, Henry Williamson: Tarka and the Last Romantic, p. 75).
Photographs of Henry Williamson:The Daily Telegraph Magazine Colour Library
Glanfield, John
3 (May 1981): 22
Details of photographs of HW and his writing hut in 'The Green Desert' by HW and 'Recognising Henry Williamson' by Daniel Farson.
Photograph of Thomas Leaver
38 (Sep. 2002): 58
In Moorish costume taken at the Alhambra, Spain , 1903.
Places and Associations in Young Phillip Maddison
Tierney, Robert
15 (Mar. 1987): 8-17
A detailed list of places with their real locations and proper names.
The Politics of Henry Williamson
Mosley, Diana
3 (May 1981): 2l-2
A brief recollection of HW's association with the BUF and Oswald Mosley.
The Pond
Williamson, Henry
29 (Mar. 1994): 34-43
A facsimile of an original manuscript.
A Portrait of Richard Maddison
Lewis, Peter
35 (Sep. 1999): 18-26
Part 1, 'The Family Background'; Part 2, 'Young Richard Maddison'. An analysis of the role in the Chronicle novels of one of its most central characters, Richard Maddison, who is based on HW’s own father, William Leopold Williamson.
A Portrait of Richard Maddison
Lewis, Peter
36 (Sep. 2000): 76-84
Continuation of this analysis of one of the main characters in A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight with Part 3 'The Husband', Part 4 'The Father', and Part 5 'Judgement'.
A Portrait of Richard Maddison
Lewis, Peter
37 (Sep. 2001): 50-7
Peter Lewis continues to analyse the character of Richard Maddison, father of Phillip Maddison (and based on HW’s own father), a major character within A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight, with Part 6 'Special Constable'; Part 7 'Moonlighter'; and Part 8 'Pensioner', including his death from complications after a prostate operation in 1946.

A Postscript to The Beautiful Years

Lewis, Peter
30 (Sep. 1994): 41-2

Details of early versions of this novel.

A Potted History of Stiffkey Old Hall


40 (Sep. 2004): 70-1

From a typescript found inside a book, giving a short history of the Old Hall from 1573 to 1972.
The Power of the Dead
Rogers, E.J.
10 (Oct. 1984): 19-22
The text of a letter sent to Brocard Sewell in 1963 examining The Power of the Dead and the preceding Chronicle novels.
The Powys Society
Roberts, Paul
33 (Sep. 1997): 59
A statement of its aims and interests.

President's Notes

Williamson, Richard

1 (July 1980): 4-6

A statement from the new Society's President in the first issue of its journal.


Lewis, Peter

NL15 (Mar. 2009): 39-40

Thirty questions, based wholly on The Pathway, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of its publication.
The Radfords of Ingo Brake, Lydford
Evans, Tony
36 (Sep. 2000): 7-25
The background to HW’s friendship with Tom and Crystal Radford and their family (particularly Jo Radford) which originated with Gwendoline Dennis of Croyde in the 1920s. The Radford family lived at Ingo Brake, Lydford, the setting for The Star-born. Charles Tunnicliffe stayed with the family while completing the illustrations for the book in early 1933.
A Reader on the Coast (Part I)
Millar, John
12 (Sep. 1985): 30-9
An account of a return to Devon in 1982 for the Society AGM.
A Reader on the Coast (Part II)
Millar, John
13 (Mar. 1986): 30-7
A further instalment of reminiscences inspired by a visit to Devon in 1982.
A Reader on the Coast (Part III)
Millar, John
14 (Sep. 1986): 30-40
The continuation of memories and musings evoked by a return to Devon.
A Reader on the Coast (Part IV)
Millar, John
15 (Mar. 1987): 29-40
The concluding article of the series.

The Real Peter Raleigh
Lamplugh, Lois
22 (Sep. 1990): 46

Peter Raleigh in The Scandaroon identified as Patrick Foulds.
Reality in War Literature
Williamson, Henry
34 (Sep. 1998): 6-16
A facsimile copy of the manuscript of an early version of an essay later to appear in The Linhay on the Downs.

Recollections of Tarka First Editions

Clarke, Stephen Francis
16 (Sep. 1987): 15

Memories of inscribed copies of the privately printed first edition.

Recreating a Lost World: Henry Williamson and Folkestone 1919-20, Anne Williamson (HW Society, 2008, ISBN 978-1-873507-29-2)

44 (Sep. 2008): 96

A description of the booklet which researches a short period in HW's life after the end of the Great War that later formed a backdrop to his early novel The Dream of Fair Women.

The Redhill Mafia 21st Birthday Meeting

White, Margaret

NL8 (Mar. 2002): 22-4

An account of the celebrations of this long-lived series of annual local meetings, in which members are encouraged to participate.


Redhill Meeting: Food, Glorious Food, November 2007

White, Margaret

NL14 (Mar. 2008): 38-9

An account of this local meeting, with food in HW's writing as its theme.

Redhill Meeting, December 2006

White, Margaret

NL13 (Mar. 2007): 40-1

An account of the meeting.

Redhill Meeting: Aspects of War, 1914-1918, November 2005

White, Margaret

NL12 (Mar. 2006): 28-9

An account of the meeting, with the theme of the Great War.

Redhill Meeting: Book Reviews etc., November 2004

White, Margaret

NL11 (Mar. 2005): 32-8

An account of the meeting.

Redhill Meeting, November 2003

White, Margaret

NL10 (Mar. 2004): 24

An account of the meeting.

Redhill Meeting: Richard Williamson, talk on 'HW and his Nature Writings', November 2002

White, Margaret

NL9 (Mar. 2003): 20-2

An account of the meeting, and Richard Williamson's talk.

Redhill Meeting: A Wild Goose Chase, November 2009

White, Margaret

NL16 (Mar. 2010): 31-1

An account of the meeting, and the two papers given: Anne Williamson's 'Following a Wild Goose Chase – an extraordinary tale og HW, the King of Redonda and Wilfrid Ewart's Way of Revelation'; and Robert Walker's 'Mackerel for Tea', based on ch. 26 of Donkey Boy and Phillip Maddison's Hayling Island holiday.
Reflections of a Brother
Sewell, Brocard
19 (Mar. 1989): 24-7
Further comments on HW's writings by E.J. Rogers; also a letter from A.A.J. Smith with HW's reply.

Reflections on A Clear Water Stream

Loates, Mick

45 (Sep. 2009): 100-4

The artist of the Society's new edition of A Clear Water Stream reflects on both the book and its subject, the River Bray at Shallowford.

Reflections on a Theme

Williamson, Henry

42 (Sep. 2006): 35

HW’s thoughts as contained in a letter to Fr Brocard Sewell (Editor of The Aylesford Review) after publication of The Phoenix Generation (1965, vol. 12, ACofAS), reprinted from The Aylesford Review, vol. VIII, no. 1, Summer 1966.
Reflections on the Death of a Field Marshal
Williamson, Henry
34 (Sep. 1998): 74-85
A defence of Field Marshal Haig prompted by a viewing of the film Oh, What a Lovely War!.
Remembering Henry Williamson
Priest, Guy
4 (Nov. 1981): 17-26
Recollections of HW at Georgeham with advice given to a novice writer.

Lady Winifred Renshaw (1925-2009)

NL16 (Mar. 2010): 37

An obituary of 'Winnie', wife of Sir Maurice Renshaw, who lived in Instow.
A Reply to Richard Russell
Cullen, Stephen
11 (Apr. 1985): 29-31
A response to criticism of the Chronicle novels.

Report of Exeter University Celebration of 10th Anniversary of Death of Ted Hughes

Williamson, Anne

NL15 (Mar. 2009): 22-3

A brief account is given of the event, 'The Artist and the Poet', held on 6 November 2008, the centrepiece of which was the showing of a film of Hughes in conversation with Leonard Baskin, his American illustrator. (Ted Hughes gave the eulogy at HW's memorial service.)
Restoring the Writing Hut
Evans, Tony
7 (May 1983): 21-2
An account of the renewal of the roof of HW's Writing Hut.
Responses to The Star-born
37 (Sep. 2001): 71-2
A selection of very short responses to the Spring 2000 investigation (see HWSJ, 36, Sep. 2000 for text of papers presented) of the meaning of this important work within HW’s oeuvre by various HWS members.
A Review of The Star-born
Kendon, Frank
13 (Mar. 1986): 25-6
Reviews under Review 1: The Beautiful Years
Robins, Peter
29 (Mar. 1994): 51-8
Contemporary reviews of HW's novel.

Reviews under Review 2: Dandelion Days
Robins, Peter
30 (Sep. 1994): 32-39

Contemporary reviews of HW's novel.
Reviews under Review 3: The Dream of Fair Women
Robins, Peter
33 (Sep. 1997): 50-3
A mixed reception for the third volume of The Flax of Dream.
Richard Maddison’s Bicycle
Tierney, Robert
32 (Sep. 1996): 66
A note on the origins of the ‘Starley Rover’.

Richard Jefferies in Eltham

Shepherd, Fred

14 (Sep. 1986): 41

A report of a visit by members of the Richard Jefferies Society to Eltham, where he once lived.
A Riotous Artist
Williamson, Henry
30 (Sep. 1994): 54-6
A review of The Second Burst by Sir Alfred Munnings.

Rise and Shine

Williamson, Anne

47 (Sep. 2011): 56-61

A rebuttal, supported by HW's diary entries, of  the premiss of M. Coultas's article 'Decline and Fall, Part 1: The Crisis of the Chronicle', which proposed that HW faced a crisis in the writing of the Chronicle in 1963.
Road to the Somme
White, Margaret
18 (Sep. 1988): 16-27
A personal diary of a Society visit in April 1987 to the Somme battlefields.
Roots: An Examination of Henry Williamson's Lineage
Williamson, Anne
31 (Sep. 1995): 6-27
A detailed investigation into HW's family tree with reference to the Leavers, Turneys, Shapcotes, Luhns and Williamsons.
The Rural Tradition: Henry Williamson
Keith, W.J.
31 (Sep. 1995): 90-101
A reprint of a chapter from The Rural Tradition which assesses HW's earlier writing.