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Machine Gun Company, The 286th
Cole, Peter
18 (Sep. 1988): 30-7
Links between HW's service with the 208th Machine Gun Company and the account of the 286th MGC in Love and the Loveless.

Mad Willie and Me
Cumming, Sue
35 (Sep. 1999): 5-17

An account of the friendship between Sue (Lawrence) and HW when she was seventeen years old in the early 1970s, with facsimile reproduction of some HW letters and diary entries.

Mad Willie and Me – Part 2

Cumming, Sue

44 (Sep. 2008): 79-82

The story of what Henry Williamson's writing means to the author.

The Maddisons and the Turneys
Gillis, John
2 (Oct. 1980): 7-9

A brief exposition of HW's family history and circumstances in Lewisham with reference to the early books of the Chronicle.

The Maddison and Turney Family Trees
Harris, Will
31 (Sep. 1995): 102-5

Details of HW's fictional families.

The Making of a Book

Keyte, P.S.

44 (Sep. 2008): 54

Review: Winged Victory by Victor M. Yeates (1895-1934). Reprinted from Colfeian, No. 44, Spring 1975.
The Making of the Film Tarka
Cobham, David
16 (Sep. 1987): 25-7
An account of the practical difficulties encountered, by the producer and director of the film.

The Making of 'The Vanishing Hedgerows' Film

Cobham, David

40 (Sep. 2004): 80-2

A recollection of the circumstances and making of this BBC film, and Cobham's experience of working with HW.

Malandine and Barley

Williamson, Anne

46 (Sep. 2010): 48-55

The fictional Malandine in The Innocent Moon is here conclusively identified as South Milton in South Devon, proved by HW's 1961 diary entry; also discussed are various candidates for the character Barley in that book.
The Man who did not Hunt
Williamson, Henry
31 (Sep. 1995): 71-3
A fragment of an early story about an otter.

Map of Lewisham, 1745

44 (Sep. 2008): 58-9

Map with a descriptive text of Lewisham, taken from Leland L. Duncan's History of Lewisham.

Marland Jimmy's Home at Peter's Marland

Evans, Tony

NL16 (Mar. 2010): 7-10

With an appropriate extract from Tarka the Otter and other books by HW, Tony Evans gives a brief history of the clay pits in which the old dog otter Marland Jimmy lived (and which was based on a real otter nicknamed 'Lapland Jimmy').


Mastermind Challenge

20 (Sep. 1990): inside back cover

The questions set on 'The Life and Works of Henry Williamson', Mastermond, broadcast on 15 April 1990.



The Masters at Colfe's, 1923 to 1943

Sanders, Brian

NL15 (Mar. 2009): 11-12

Brian Sanders, an Old Colfeian, identifies the masters shown on the photograph that appears on p. 55 of HWSJ 44, with his personal reminiscences.

Hugo Matthews (1938-2011)

Matthews, Wendy

47 (Sep. 2011): 103-4

An obituary of the consultant surgeon and book collector/seller, who was an authority on Richard Jefferies and the author of the indispensable Henry Williamson: A Bibliography (2004).
Mature Words (Part 2 of talk on ‘The London Trilogy’)
Williamson, Anne
38 (Sep. 2002): 33-46
Some thoughts about the first 3 volumes of ACofAS known as ‘The London Trilogy’, based on HW’s earliest years in Lewisham up to the outbreak of the First World War.

Memories of Henry Williamson
Duncan, Ronald
5 (May 1982): 18-22

An account of the relationship between HW and Ronald Duncan. Notes on the accuracy and professionalism of HW's writing.

Men, Women, and England: Great War Writers and Dreams of Renewal

Cullen, Stephen

47 (Sep. 2011): 38-51

An abridgement of '"The Land of My Dreams": The Gendered Utopian Dreams and Disenchantment of British Literary Ex-combatants of the Great War' (Cultural and Social History, 8/2, 2011), writers covered include Wilfrid Ewart, HW, C.E. Montague, W.L. George, R.H. Mottram and Richard Aldington.

'A Merciful, Heaven-Sent Release'? The Clerk and the First World War

Wild, Jonathan

47 (Sep. 2011): 21-37

This chapter from The Rise of the Office Clerk in Literary Culture, 1880-1939 (2006) references HW (chiefly How Dear is Life) and R.H. Mottram, among others.
Middleton Murry on Henry Williamson
Sewell, Father Brocard, O. Carm
35 (Sep. 1999): 67-8
Reprint of a review of Katherine Mansfield & Other Literary Studies by J. Middleton Murry, foreword by T.S. Eliot, which concentrates on Murry’s essay on HW.
Millennium Revelations: John Middleton Murry
Williamson, Anne
35 (Sep. 1999): 38-66
An examination of the turbulent and varied life of the writer and critic, John Middleton Murry (1889- 1957), friend of D.H. Lawrence and his wife Frieda, married the writer Katherine Mansfield, but who in later life was most famous for setting up a community farm in East Anglia in 1942. HW contributed to Murry’s magazine The Adelphi from its earliest days (firstly in 1924). The two men became friends after HW became a farmer in the Second World War, and HW took over The Adelphi from Murry in 1948, keeping it for 3 issues only. Murry was very supportive of HW and his work, particularly A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight, writing two important critical essays which were published posthumously.
More Comments on Nature Writing
Homan, John
21 (Mar. 1990): 36-7
Three brief unrelated comments on Tarka and Tales of Moorland and Estuary.
More from Dandelion Days
Shepherd, Fred
20 (Sep. 1989): 45-8
Further portraits of masters and boys at Colfe's School with reference to Dandelion Days.

More Memories of Henry Williamson
Priest, Guy
8 (Oct. 1983): 30-7

Recollections of an extended friendship with HW. Details of episodes in 1936.
More Memories of Henry Williamson
Priest, Guy
25 (Mar. 1992): 35-45
A personal account of a friendship with HW during his first years at Old Hall Farm.

'My Friend': Major Colin B. Traill, MC

Williamson, Anne (compiler)

43 (Sep. 2007): 92-3

Tribute to Major Traill whom HW met in late summer 1917 while convalescing at Trefusis in Cornwall, killed in action 28 June 1918, whose grave was visited by the HW Society in April 2006.
A Nature Lover 's Notebook
Williamson, Henry
11 (Apr. 1985): 38-41
Some items which were originally printed in the Sunday Referee (1934-35).
The Norfolk Bedside Book, Keith Skipper (Mousehold Press, Norwich, 2002, ISBN 1-874739-21-8)
Williamson, Anne (Review)
38 (Sep. 2002): 96
A charming volume of extracts from many sources, all connected with Norfolk. Contains two short HW pieces.

Norfolk Farm Cottages

Williamson, Henry

40 (Sep. 2004): 43-5

Extracts from HW's diary, 1936–39, pertaining to the row of cottages in Stiffkey, purchased and rebuilt by him.

Norfolk Farm Facts: Some Documentary Evidence

Williamson, Henry

40 (Sep. 2004): 54-69

Copied pages from HW's notebook and wages notebook, with invoices and receipts pertaining to the farm.
Norfolk Farming Links
Lamplugh, Lois
25 (Mar. 1992): 31-3
An account of the links between HW and Sir Henry and Lilias Rider Haggard.

A Norfolk Memory

Henningsson, Wendy

40 (Sep. 2004): 83-5

Memories of a childhood part spent in Stiffkey during the 1940s, while HW was farming. The author's uncle was Billy Gidney, the village blacksmith.
The Norfolk Weekend
Williamson, Richard
30 (Sep. 1994): 47
A personal account of the Spring Meeting at Stiffkey in 1994.

Map of the area of North Devon

28 (Sep. 2002): 9

Described in The Gale of the World (and various other books).
Notes for Phantasy
Williamson, Henry
36 (Sep. 2000): 56-7
Facsimile reproduction of the ms of HW’s original concept for The Star-born, dated 20/12/1922 (document in Henry Williamson Archive in Special collection Exeter University, England).

Notes on the Book Swap

White, Margaret

NL16 (Mar. 2010): 11

An explanation of the reason to move to a postal service, the 'book swap' having previously been a feature of Society meetings only.
The Old Pond: An Introduction
Fullagar, Brian
29 (Mar. 1994): 33
A description of an original manuscript sold at Sotheby's.
On Achieving Centenary
Williamson, Richard
31 (Sep. 1995): 4-5
Reflections upon the centenary of the birth of HW.

On Foot in Devon

Williamson, Anne

46 (Sep. 2010): 34-42

A review of the fraught history behind the commissioning, writing, and publication in 1933 of On Foot in Devon, including quotations from the correspondence between HW and the publisher, Alexander MacLehose, and extracts from HW's diary. 
On the Back Cover
Shepherd, Fred
22 (Sep. 1990): 45
A brief examination of publishers' practice of advertising their authors on other dustjackets.

On the Trail of 'Bugg Cottages'

Lewis, Peter

40 (Sep. 2004): 37-42

A brief history, with diagrams and photographs, of the row of cottages in Stiffkey purchased and rebuilt by HW in the late 1930s, as described in The Story of a Norfolk Farm.

On Yer Bike: Transport in the Works of Henry Williamson

Walker, Robert

NL15 (Mar. 2009): 41-4

An account of the Redhill Meeting, November 2008, where the modes of transport covered by members' talks included the Bédélia cyclecar, the Norton Brooklands Road Special, the railways, horses, and HW's cars.
One Man's Putsborough, 1984
Walker, Ronald
11 (Apr. 1985): 42-3
A short account of the AGM weekend.
One Man's Williamson
Wake, Bryan
8 (Oct. 1983): 10-14
A personal appreciation of HW and an account of the inaugural meeting of the Society. Also a response to David Hoyle's article in HWSJ 4, 'In the Monkey House'.

One of the Seventeen

Homan, John

19 (Mar. 1989): 16-22

Extracts from an early version of Tarka the Otter.
One Satisfied Customer
Starr, Eric
12 (Sep. 1985): 5-6
A response to previous issues of the journal.
The Origins of the Organic Movement, Philip Conford (Floris Books, 2001, ISBN 0-86315-336-4)
Williamson, Anne (Review)
38 (Sep. 2002): 94-5
A comprehensive account of the history of the organic movement from its beginning which requires a deep understanding of the subject to comprehend it. Conford shows the connections between this movement and Fascism, giving HW as an example. One should point out that although many of HW’s ideas and practices ran parallel to the Organic Movement, he was not an actual member of any of the connected associations.

The Ornithology of Tarka the Otter

Osborne, Tim
16 (Sep. 1987): 28-9

A comparison between birds appearing in Tarka and what is known about ornithological records of North Devon at the time.

Osborne, Patrick Frank, A Tribute to

Fullagar, Brian

20 (Sep. 1989): 50

An obituary.
The Otter
Williamson, Henry
33 (Sep. 1997): 67-9
An account of a rescued baby otter first published in The Listener.
Otters in Winter
Williamson, Henry
33 (Sep. 1997): 60-6
An essay featuring 'Tarka', which first appeared in The London Mercury.
Out of the Prisoning Tower
Williamson, Henry
7 (May 1983): 5-8
An article first published in The Spectator in 1958 in which HW recalls his schooldays.

The Owl Club

Stokes, Edward

47 (Sep. 2011): 76-84

A memoir of the brief time that the Stokes family lived in Georgeham in 1922, when brother and sister Edward and Mary befriended HW, the period later described in The Sun in the Sands, in which Mary is portrayed as 'Annabelle'.
The Ox in Gaultshire, May 1986
Morley, Tim
14 (Sep. 1986): 29
A short account of the Society's Spring Meeting at Woburn in 1986.