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The Society has published a Journal since it was formed in 1980. Originally biannual, it became an annual publication in 1995. From the spring of 1995 the Society has also published a more informal Newsletter.


Journal editors: Will Harris (1980–1984); Anne Williamson (1985–2008); Michael Coultas (2009–2014); Dr John Akeroyd (2015– )



Journal no. 30



The very first number of the Journal, published in July 1980, just two months after the inaugural meeting of the Society, consisted of a slim 18-page A5 booklet.  It soon expanded into a robust Society Journal averaging around 56 pages per issue with the cover designed by Peter Rothwell. The last issue in this format, No. 30, appeared in September 1994 (an exception was a special A4-sized issue in September 1987 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the publication of Tarka the Otter). The Journal was redesigned in a new, larger format in 1995, with the cover designed by Mick Loates.


The Table of Contents for each issue is listed below. Authors and titles are also listed within the Research Centre indexes. Updating the indexes is an ongoing task; while the author index is kept current, the title index, with short abstracts, currently contains the material from Journals nos. 1–38 and Newsletters nos. 1–7, and will likely not be updated further.


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ISSUE No. 30,

September 1994



The 'Weather-vane Soul' of Henry Williamson, Fred D. Crawford

The Centenary Journal

The Worcester Park Jelly Dogs, Barry Kitts

Reviews under Review: Dandelion Days, Peter Robins

Dandelion Days: sample pages of corrections

A Postscript to The Beautiful Years, Peter Lewis

Letters to Brian Busby, Margaret White

The Norfolk Weekend, Richard Williamson

Artistic Friendships, Jean Goodman

A Riotous Artist, Henry Williamson




ISSUE No. 29,

March 1994



Henry Williamson and the BBC, John Gregory

'The Old Pond': An Introduction, Brian Fullagar

'The Old Pond': original manuscript, Henry Williamson

The Georgeham Village Hall Sign Incident, Lois Lamplugh

St. George of Georgeham, Daily Express 'Special Correspondent'

A Winter's Tale, Peter Lewis

Reviews under Review: The Beautiful Years, Peter Robins




ISSUE No. 28,

September 1993


The Phoenix and the Turtle, William Shakespeare


The Genius of Friendship: Part II, Anne Williamson

Dear Friend of Le Lavandou, Henry Williamson

Henry Williamson, Alister Kershaw

Adventure Lit His Star, Peter K. Robins

The Folkestone Connection, Ronald Walker

A Shaft of Ancient Sunlight, Jim Sloan





ISSUE No. 27,

March 1993



The Honour of Life, Ronald Walker

The Genius of Friendship: Part I, Anne Williamson

The Society Tour to the Ypres Salient

A Phoenix of the Salient, Brian Fullagar

Armistice Day 1928, Henry Williamson

And This Was Ypres, John Gregory

Chairman's Address






ISSUE No. 26,

September 1992



The Influence of Richard Jefferies upon Henry Williamson, Part II, Dr J. W. Blench

    (link to first part; second part)

The Hawthornden Prize, Peter Lewis

Secretary's Notes



Meetings & Ox's Crossword Solution (plus Mystery Quotation)



ISSUE No. 25,

March 1992



The Influence of Richard Jefferies upon Henry Williamson, Part I, Dr J. W. Blench

A Ballad of Spring, Peter K. Robins

An Exercise in Trail Guiding, Barry Kitts

Forty Years in Wild Devon, Noel Beer

Leaning on Hardy's Gate, Ronald Walker

The Difficulties of Rural Writing, Henry Williamson

Norfolk Farming Links, Lois Lamplugh

The Margaret Clarke Memorial Award

More Memories of Henry Williamson, Guy Kerr-Priest

Secretary's Notes




Cerebral Calibration


ISSUE No. 24,

September 1991



What Time in Mists Confounds, Brian Fullagar

Willie Maddison's Epitaph for Mary Ogilvy, Lois Lamplugh

Shedding Light on Crow Point, Peter Lewis

Considering Folkestone, Fred Shepherd

A Day Out in Brockley, Pat Murphy

South Devon Days from The Innocent Moon, Mick Loates

Secretary's Notes


Publicity Matters, Anne Williamson

The Dreamer of Devon, Anne Williamson



Brainteaser Quiz, Phillip D. Melling


ISSUE No. 23,

March 1991



A Message from the Chairman

Henry Williamson and the Battles of the Somme, Brian Fullagar

Sombre Summer Days on the Somme, John Gregory

The Constancy of Hetty, Olive Smith

The Shallowford Scene, Lois Lamplugh

The Gift, Brian Wake

For the Record, Peter K. Robins

The Grand Surprize, Peter Lewis

The (Silver) Eagle has Landed, Richard Williamson

From the Back of a Picture, Fred Shepherd

Secretary's Notes






ISSUE No. 22,

September 1990



Henry's Owls, Peter Lewis

Lucy: A Woman's Eye View, Margaret White

Henry Williamson's Contributions to Mosley's Action, Alan Dilnot

How Good is Tarka the Otter as Literature? Dr. J. W. Blench

Cranmere Pool, Anne Williamson

Searching for a Picture, John Christian

Flossie Flowers Revealed?, John Homan

The Daily Trident, Peter Lewis

On the Back Cover, Fred Shepherd

The Real Peter Raleigh, Lois Lamplugh

Secretary's Notes

Spring in Devon, Paul Reed



Mastermind Challenge


ISSUE No. 21,

March 1990



Some Thoughts on Class in the Novels of Henry Williamson, David Hoyle


A Correspondence, George Porter

The Perfect Stranger, Douglas Jordan

A Chronicle Character, Fred Shepherd

More Comments on Nature Writing, John Homan

The Bond That Must Never be Broken, Paul Reed

Secretary's Notes

Kathleen Walker: An Appreciation, Will Harris

The Tarka Project, Nicola Oliver

Fellow Societies, Brian Fullagar



ISSUE No. 20,

September 1989



Henry Williamson's The Flax of Dream: A Reappraisal, Dr J. W. Blench

      (link to first part; second part)

Advertisement for The Pathway, May 26 1929

Works of Henry Williamson, Helen E. Haines

The Flax Dreamer (photos)

The Amazing Storm that Attended The Pathway in the USA

The Flax of Dream: Some Bibliographical Notes, John Homan

More from Dandelion Days, Fred Shepherd

Secretary's Notes, John Homan

A Tribute to Patrick Frank Osborne, Brian Fullagar





ISSUE No. 19,

March 1989



Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig: An Appreciation, John Terraine

Thoughts on Reading Dan Farson's Henry: An Appreciation, Sally Elliott

En Passant, Fred Shepherd

One of the Seventeen, John Homan

Print offer

Reflections of a Brother, Fr Brocard Sewell

A Souvenir, Peter K. Robins

The Apprenticeship of a Novelist, Part III, Dr J. W. Blench

Tailcorn, Michael Bennett

Secretary's Notes, John Homan





ISSUE No. 18,

September 1988


Dulce et decorum est, John Homan

Battlefields Tour, April 1987, Brian Fullagar

Henry Williamson and the Kaiserschlacht, Paul Reed

Edward Thomas Exhibition, Paul Reed

Road to the Somme: personal journal and sketches, Margaret White

Ten Years' Remembrance, Henry Williamson

The 286th Machine Gun Company, Peter Cole

The Zeppelin Raid, Joan Reed

The Apprenticeship of a Novelist: Part II, Dr J. W. Blench

Secretary's Notes, John Homan

Publicity Report, Tim Osborne

Woburn, 7–8 May 1988, Kenneth Syme



ISSUE No. 17,

March 1988



The Apprenticeship of a Novelist: Part I, Dr J. W. Blench

Farm Days, Peter Robins

I Have Sold My Norfolk Farm, Henry Williamson

James Farrar: An Important Postscript, Daphne Odin-Pearse

Notes on Days of Wonder, John Gregory

Walter Wilkinson, June Emerson

Bedfordshire in the Writings of HWW, Dr J. Wheatley Blench

The Aylesford Press, David Ashton

Secretary's Notes, John Homan




ISSUE No. 16,

September 1987


Journal no. 16



From Manuscript to Printed Edition, Dr Terence Jones

A Bibliographical History, John Homan

Tarka: The Wonder and the One-ness, Bryan Wake

Recollections of Tarka First Editions, Stephen Francis Clarke

Tarka's Route, Anne Williamson

A Note on the 'Falcon' maps, Anne Williamson

The Falcon Maps

The Tarka Trail Project, Dr Graham Wills

Carving the Otter, Jack Whitehead

Tarka Country Revisited, Trevor Beer

The Making of the Film Tarka, David Cobham

The Ornithology of Tarka the Otter, Tim Osborne

Some Leaves from HW's Own Scrapbook

Secretary's Notes, John Homan

Publicity Report, Tim Osborne

Spring Meeting, Robert Tierney


Mystery Quotation


ISSUE No. 15,

March 1987



Chairman's Notes

Places and Associations in Young Phillip Maddison, Robert Tierney

Henry Williamson and Wilfrid Meynell, Fr Brocard Sewell

The Snake Bird, Henry Williamson

A Fragment, Brian Sanders

Reader on the Coast, John Millar

Life with Father, Robert Williamson

Secretary's Notes, John Homan

Book Review



ISSUE No. 14,

September 1986



The London Highlanders, Peter Cole

Henry Williamson, Today and Yesterday, Stephen Cullen

'Best Man': A Tribute to Richard de la Mare, Peter K. Robins

Bird of Mystery, Henry Williamson

The Ox in Gaultshire, May 1986, Tim Morley

A Reader on the Coast, 3, John Millar

Richard Jefferies in Eltham, Fred Shepherd

Publicity Officer's Report, June 1986, Timothy Osborne

Secretary's Notes, John Homan

Books, A.W.



ISSUE No. 13,

March 1986



Henry Williamson and 'The Aylesford Review', Brocard Sewell

Between The Flax and the Chronicle, Dennis McWilliams

A Review of The Starborn, Frank Kendon

A Reader on the Coast, 2, John Millar

Some Recollections of a Barnstaple Boyhood, Peter Gillard

In Defence of Creative Genius, Michael Loates

Secretary's Notes



ISSUE No. 12,

September 1985



One Satisfied Customer, Eric Starr

The Dream of Fair Men, Peter K. Robins

The Literary Qualities of Henry Williamson's Writings set in Norfolk, Dr J. W. Blench

A Reader on the Coast, John Millar

Living in Georgeham, David Stokes

Norfolk Weekend

Secretary's Notes



ISSUE No. 11,

April 1985



Hermit of Ox's Cross, Maurice Wiggin

The Last Summer, Henry Williamson

Why I Think Henry Williamson is Still Worth Reading, David Hoyle

A Reply to Richard Russell, Stephen Cullen

The True Story of Broncho Bill, W. R. Ludlow

'Beachcomber' Rediscovered, John Homan

A Nature-lover's Notebook, Henry Williamson

One Man's Putsborough, 1984, Ronald Walker

Secretary's Notes, News of Books and a Historical Book Review



ISSUE No. 10,

October 1984



The Green Desert, Henry Williamson

Henry Williamson, Malcolm Elwin

The Power of the Dead, E. J. Rogers

Jacob Tonson and the Rehabilitation of Henry Williamson, Alan Dilnot

Henry Williamson and the B.U.F., Peter K. Robins

A Visit to Henry Williamson, Ann Thomas

Lewisham 1984, Brian Fullagar

Choosing the First Eleven, Fred Shepherd


Secretary's Notes

Publicity Report, Tim Osborne



ISSUE No. 9,

March 1984



In Honour of Henry, Richard Williamson

The Confessions of a Fake Merchant, Pt II, Henry Williamson

Henry Williamson and the Generation of 1914, Nigel Jones

A Tribute to Frances Horovitz, Fr Brocard Sewell

Henry Williamson in Conversation with Kenneth Allsop

An Afternoon in 1968, Don Cook

The German 'Beautiful Years', Horst A. Reschke

A School Prize, Peter M. Heinecke

Book Reviews

Secretary's Notes



ISSUE No. 8,

October 1983



The Confessions of a Fake Merchant, Pt I, Henry Williamson

One Man's Williamson, Bryan Wake

Will the Real Literary Heritage Please Stand Up?, Richard Russell

The Incalculable Hour, Dr J. W. Blench

Henry Williamson, Broadcaster, Valerie R. Belsey

The Silver Eagle, Richard Williamson and Linda Pearce

More Memories of Henry Williamson, Guy Priest

At the Grave of Henry Williamson, Ronald Walker

Book Reviews

Secretary's Notes



ISSUE No. 7,

May 1983



Out of the Prisoning Tower, Henry Williamson

The 'Victory Day' Chapters of The Dream of Fair Women, Ronald Walker

Tarka the Otter isn't dead . . ., Brian Carter

From a Book of Clippings . . .

Restoring the Writing Hut, Tony Evans

A Gaultshire Guide, Tom and Joan Skipper

Time to Forgive?, Ronald Walker

The Anna Cash Collection

Book Reviews

Secretary's Notes



ISSUE No. 6,

October 1982



Words on the West Wind, Henry Williamson

Further Memories of Henry Williamson, Guy Priest

The Estuary, Peter Rothwell

Georgeham, Kevin O'Keeffe

Henry Williamson's Bedfordshire Roots, Tom and Joan Skipper

From Dandelion Days, Fred Shepherd

Field Garden, Henry Williamson

Book Review

Secretary's Notes



ISSUE No. 5,

May 1982



'Lindenheim', John Glanfield

Henry Williamson, farmer, Ben Serjeant

Memories of Henry Williamson, Ronald Duncan

'The Aylesford Review', Fr Brocard Sewell

The Two Maddisons, George D. Painter

Extracts from 'The Colfeian', George Heath

The HWS Collection, David Hoyle

Book Review

Secretary's Notes



ISSUE No. 4,

November 1981



In the Monkey House, David Hoyle

Remembering Henry Williamson, Guy Priest

To the Fishponds and Back Again, John Gillis

A Stray Shaft of Ancient Sunlight, Ronald Walker

Henry Williamson at Stiffkey, Bernard Phillips

Secretary's Notes, John Homan



ISSUE No. 3,

May 1981



A First Meeting with Henry Williamson, John Gregory

Henry Williamson: The Early Chronicle and the Country and the City, Peter Brandon

The Politics of Henry Williamson, Diana Mosley

Photographs of Henry Williamson: The Daily Telegraph Magazine Colour  Library, John Glanfield

Bibliographical Notes: The Brocard Sewell Collection, Stephen Francis Clarke

Society Archives at Exeter University Library, John Homan

Capital Transfer Tax and H.W. MSS, Richard Williamson

Book review

Sotheby's at Hodgson's Rooms, London, Stephen Francis Clarke



ISSUE No. 2,

October 1980



Secretary's Notes

The Maddisons and the Turneys, John Gillis

Henry Williamson and his Writings, Colin Wilson

The Doom of the Otter, E. V. Knox

Book Reviews


ISSUE No. 1,

July 1980


Jounral no. 1



President's Notes

From the Chairman

Inaugural Meeting of the Society (3 May 1980)

Events since the Inaugural Meeting

From the Editor

First General Meeting, 1 November 1980