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The Society's Newsletter was first issued in March 1995, when its editor, Brian Fullagar, anticipated the need for an additional forum for members once the Journal became an annual autumn publication. Its A5 design deliberately echoes that of the Journal in its early format.


The Newsletter is intended to provide an informal means of communication with the membership, and prints short contributions by members and others; their impressions of past events and meetings; reviews; obituaries, and notices of future events. It also includes the Minutes of the Society's Annual General Meeting and the results of the biennial Schools Writing Competition.


Newsletter editors: Brian Fullagar (1995–2010); Rob Wood (2011–13); Robert Walker (2014– )


The Table of Contents for each Newsletter is listed below. Authors and titles are also listed within the Research Centre indexes. Updating the indexes is an ongoing task; while the author index is up to date, the title index, with short abstracts, currently contains the material from Journals nos. 1–38 and Newsletters nos. 1–7.


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NL 30,

March 2024



Fondly remembered: Mary Williamson; Jan Wood; Rex Cornell

Schools Writing Competition, Louise McGlone (with winning entries)

HWS Spring Meeting, May 2023, at King's Lynn, Adrian Dempsey

Memories of a Norfolk Farm, Edwin Pearson

HWS AGM Weekend, October 2024, Glyn Shingler

AGM Minutes, Maggie Greening

'The Peregrine's Saga: A Centenary Reflection', Robert Walker (talk given at the AGM)

And finally . . .


NL 29,

March 2023



Fondly remembered: Eric Starr

Book Review:

Devon Holiday (Courier Mail, Brisbane, Australia, 28 September 1935) (kindly supplied by Valerie Haworth)

Website update

HWS Spring Meeting, May 2022, at Shaftesbury, John Edmondson

HWS AGM Weekend, October 2023,Ciaran Guilfoyle

AGM Minutes, Maggie Greening

The Lone Swallows: A Centenary Reflection, Robert Walker (talk given at the AGM)

And finally . . .


NL 28,

March 2022



Fondly Remembered: Beryl Fullagar; Rob Cumming

Book Reviews:

Plants & Us by John Akeroyd, with D. O'Brien & L. Cowley, Anne Williamson

Flights of the Mind by Richard Williamson, David Macfarlane

Tarka Talk by John Moore, Valerie Haworth

Schools Writing Competition, Louise McGlone

HWS AGM Weekend, October 2021, Matthew McGlone

AGM Minutes, Maggie Greening

The Henry Williamson Society: Spring Meetings, 1981–2019, compiled by Robert Walker

And finally . . .


NL 27,

March 2021


Memories of Henry #1, Nicholas Jackson

Memories of Henry #2

Fondly Remembered: John Bowler; Patrick Fleming; Wendy Lyne; Douglas Jordan; George Mackie

Book Review:

Seeing Animals: their path through our history by Angela Dyer, Anne Williamson

The Water Dreamer, compiled by Anne Williamson

Henry Williamson and John Moore, Valerie Haworth

[As there was no AGM in October 2020, the following reports are given here:]

Treasurer's Report, October 2020, John Gregory

Webmaster's Report, October 2020, John Gregory

Clarke Memorial Prize 2020, awarded to Anne Williamson: correspondence

Clarke Memorial Prizewinners, 1991–2020, compiled by Robert Walker

HWS 40th Anniversary Quiz, compiled by Robert Walker

HWS AGM Weekend, October 2020, Robert Walker

The Henry Williamson Society: Annual General Meetings, 1980–2019, compiled by Robert Walker

Quiz answers

And finally . . .


NL 26,

March 2020


News Update

Henry in Print

Website Update

Book Review:

Tails of Tarka! by Dave Webb, Anne Williamson

Fondly Remembered: Dr J. Wheatley Blench; Jim Gordge; Fred Shepherd; Peter Rothwell

Henry Williamson: a Personal Tribute, Phil Babbs

Study Day, March 2019, Will Foss

Spring Meeting, May 2019: Folkestone, James Massey

AGM weekend, October 2019, Pat Fleming

AGM Minutes, Maggie Greening

Presentation of the Clarke Award

Redhill Meeting, November 2019, Robert Walker

And finally . . .


NL 25,

March 2019


News Update

Website Update, John Gregory

HWS Archives, Robert Walker

Schools Writing Competition 2018, Sarah Bellhouse (plus winning entries)

Spring Meeting, May 2018: Coate Water, Paul McGlone

AGM weekend, October 2018, James Massey

AGM Minutes, Maggie Greening

Redhill Meeting, November 2018, Robert Walker

Redhill Meetings: a brief history, Robert Walker

Table of Redhill Meetings, Robert Walker

And finally . . .


NL 24,

March 2018


Tony Evans Tribute, John Gregory

Tony Evans Eulogy, Janet Evans

Tony Evans Ode, Sandy Melmoth

Tarka Quiz, Anne Williamson

Britain's Favourite Nature Book, Robert Walker

Website Update, Robert Walker

Book Reviews:

Sport in the Fields and Woods: Richard Jefferies, an anthology compiled by Rebecca Welshman, Paul McGlone

Otter Country: in search of the wild otter by Miriam Darlington, Robert Walker

Study Day, March 2017: the IWM, Robert Walker

Spring Meeting, May 2017: Carshalton, Roberta Mallett

AGM weekend, October 2017, Alan Dilnot

AGM Minutes

Humpy Bridge Revisited, Glyn Shingler

Redhill Meeting, November 2017, Robert Walker

Tarka Quiz answers, Anne Williamson

And finally . . . An Otter's Tale


NL 23,

March 2017


News Update, Robert Walker

HWS Website Update, Robert Walker

Book Reviews:

Pleasures of Nature: A Literary Anthology selected by Christina Hardyment, Anne Williamson

Winter: Am Anthology for the Changing Seasons edited by Melissa Harrison, Anne Williamson

The Cheriton Hunt, Glyn Shingler

Schools Writing Competition 2016, Sarah Bellhouse (plus winning entries)

Study Day, March 2016, Simon Chesters Thompson

Spring Meeting, May 2016, Maggie Greening

AGM weekend, October 2016, Harry Latham

AGM Minutes

Redhill Meeting, November 2016, Robert Walker

And finally . . . a bridge too far?


NL 22,

March 2016


Tribute to Brian Fullagar, Margaret White and Robert Walker

News Update, Robert Walker

HWS Bags, Robert Walker

Book Reviews:

Devon Pubs: A Pictorial Retrospective by Andrew Swift & Kirsten Elliot, Anne Williamson

The Poetry of Edward Thomas, by Andrew Motion, Paul McGlone

Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Life by Jonathan Bate, Robert Walker

Study Day, March 2015, James Burkitt

Spring Meeting, May 2015, Margaret White

Speech from above Meeting, Dr Christine Faunch

Speech from above Meeting, Anne Williamson

AGM Weekend, October 2015, Mick Loates

AGM Minutes

Redhill Meeting, November 2015, Robert Walker

And finally . . . A Fishy Tale!


NL 21,

March 2015


The Sale of the Field – Update, Robert Walker

Henry in the News

A Diary from Devon, Janet Evans

Barricane Beach: Writings from Henry Williamson and others, Tony Evans

Schools Writing Competition 2014, Sarah Bellhouse

Presentation of a well-deserved prize, Pam Waugh

The winning entry, on the theme of 'Spirit of the Wood'

Study Day, March 2014, Jeremy Cantwell

Spring Meeting: Norfolk, May 2014, Glyn Shingler

Autumn Meeting and AGM, 2014, Robert Walker

AGM Minutes

AGM October 2014 – a personal view, Isobel Heather McKuertan

Redhill Meeting, November 2014, Robert Walker

A tribute to the men who fought and died in the Great War [poem], Beryl Fullagar

E-book review: Winged Victor: A Biography of Victor M. Yeates by Gordon F. Atkin, John Gregory

And finally . . . Tarka the Indian?, Peter Lewis


NL 20,

March 2014


Rob Wood – Obituary and Eulogy

The Sale of the Field

Book Reviews

HWS Website and E-books

Study Day, March 2013, Alan Lyne

Battlefield Tour, April 2013, Andrew Harper
Autumn Meeting and AGM, 2013, Paul McGlone
AGM Minutes
Redhill Meeting, November 2013, Stuart Smith
And finally . . .

NL 19,

March 2013


Spring Meeting: Tavistock, May 2012, Will Harris and others

London Study Day, 2012: The Role of Women, 1895-1925

Autumn Meeting and AGM, 2012, Robert Walker

AGM Minutes

Schools Writing Competition 2012, Mary Williamson

The three winning entries of the competition, on the theme of 'Remembrance'

Review: Slightly Foxed, Anne Williamson

Committee Notes, Margaret White

The Felixstowe Plaque, John Gregory

Letters (from Peter Lewis and Anne Williamson)

The Dartmoor Writings of Henry Williamson, Tony Evans

A Note on 'The Mating-time Millinery of the Birds', John Gregory

Redhill Meeting, Margaret White


Society Publications and E-books, John Gregory

Society Website – An Update, John Gregory

Press Cuttings, James Sloan

Obituary of HW: 'Ancient Sunlight—with otters',W.M. Hill


NL 18,

March 2012


Spring Meeting: Aspley Guise, May 2011, Geoffrey Taylor

London Study Day, 2011: Literary Figures of the Great War, Robert Walker

Autumn Meeting and AGM, 2011, Peter Faulkner

AGM Minutes

Schools Writing Competition 2012, Mary Williamson

West Country Writers Association Diamond Anniversary, Anne Williamson

Book review, Anne Williamson

Committee Notes, April 2011, Margaret White


Henry Williamson: An Appreciation, E.W. Martin

The Phoenix Generation, Oswald Jones

Some Thoughts about The Phoenix Generation, Anne Williamson

Redhill Meeting, Margaret White

Press Cuttings


NL 17,

March 2011


London Study Day, 2010, Robert Walker

Battlefields Tour, April 2010: 1917: Triumph and Tragedy, David & Issy Macfarlane

Schools Writing Competition 2010, Mary Williamson

Autumn Meeting and AGM, Adam Reed

AGM Minutes

The Braunton Lighthouse, Tony Evans

Society Website News, John Gregory

Notes on the Redhill Meeting, Margaret White

Henry Williamson Society: The First 30 Years, Eric Starr

Committee Notes from the London Committee meeting, October 2010, Margaret White

Obituary: Mary Heath, Edward Heath

Mary Heath: An Appreciation given at her Thanksgiving Service, Barry Ferguson

Obituary: Wallace Cooke, Andrea Foster (from the North Devon Journal) 


NL 16,

March 2010


Spring Meeting, Hope Cove 2009, Richard Knight

Marland Jimmy's Home at Peter's Marland, Tony Evans

Notes on the Book Swap, Margaret White

Autumn AGM Meeting, 2009, William Eccles

Autumn AGM Meeting, 2009, Peter Lewis

AGM Minutes

Quiz answers

A Wild Goose Chase: Redhill Meeting, 2009, Margaret White

Committee Notes, Margaret White


Kneelers for St Lukes, Tony Evans



NL 15,

March 2009


Spring Meeting 2008, Clive Boarder

The Masters at Colfe's, Brian Sanders

Letter from Anne, Anne Williamson

Schools Writing Competition, Mary Williamson

Ted Hughes – 10th Anniversary of his Death, Anne Williamson

The Firing Gatherers, Tony Evans

The HWS Website and Email Register, John Gregory

Autumn AGM Meeting 2008, Michael Tod

AGM Minutes

Redhill Area Meeting, Robert Walker


Book review


NL 14,

March 2008


Spring Meeting, Jeremy Cantwell

Spring Meeting, Geoff Watts

Henry's Young Hero, Will Harris

Quintessential, Peter Watson

Mazed as a Brish, Anne Williamson

Georgeham and Croyde Show, Brian Fullagar

Schools Writing Competition, Mary Williamson

Cider Making, Tony Evans

Serre Road II, John T. Roberts

Autumn AGM Meeting, Margaret Cookson

The Clarke Memorial Prize, John Gregory

AGM Minutes

Redhill Area Meeting, Margaret White

London Study Day, Walker Burns


NL 13,

March 2007


Battlefield Poem, Anne Williamson

Battlefield Tour, James White

Why the Bonfire, June Emerson

Schools Writing Competition, Mary Williamson

The Lime Kilns, Tony Evans

Autumn AGM Meeting, Rosalind Hardwick

AGM Minutes

Tarka the Opera, Anne Williamson

Redhill Area Meeting, Margaret White

London Study Day, Robert Walker

London Study Day, David Macfarlane



NL 12,

March 2006


Letter from the President

Spring Meeting, Andrew Sanders

Writing Hut in the West End, Fred Shepherd

Schools Writing Competition, Mary Williamson

Autumn AGM Meeting, David Boyle

AGM Minutes

Redhill Area Meeting, Margaret White

A Test to Destruction, Ian Walker

London Study Day, Brian Fullagar


NL 11,

March 2005


Spring Meeting, Peter Troy

Battlefields Tour, Andrew Webster

Midland Meeting, Maggie Greening

Henry's War on TV, Fred Shepherd

Schools Writing Competition, Mary Williamson

Autumn AGM Meeting, David McFarlane

AGM Minutes

Redhill Area Meeting, Margaret White


London Study Day, Alan Buckley


NL 10,

March 2004


Spring Meeting, Brian Fullagar

Two Inscriptions by HW, Will Harris

Midland Area Meeting, Peter Gillard

Original Image of 'Deadlock', Fred Shepherd

Schools Writing Competition, Mary Williamson

Autumn AGM Meeting, Beryl Fullagar

AGM Minutes

Book Log, Will Harris

Redhill Area Meeting, Margaret White

Website 'Research Centre', John Gregory

London Study Day, G. Marshall

London Study Day, David Macfarlane


Battlefield Tour, Brian Fullagar

News from other Societies

Writing Hut


NL 9,

March 2003


Spring Meeting, Brian Fullagar

First Meeting (Midland), Maggie Greening

Autumn AGM Meeting, David Macfarlane

AGM Minutes

Redhill Area Meeting, Margaret White

Schools Writing Competition, Mary Williamson

London Study Day, Adam Reed


Book Review, Fred Shepherd

News from other Societies


NL 8,

March 2002


Letter from the Chairman, Margaret White

Spring Meeting, Battlefields Tour, May 2001, Lindsay Dannatt

AGM Minutes

Autumn AGM Meeting, Saunton Sands, 5–7 Oct. 2001, Beryl Fullagar

Redhill Meeting, 10 Nov. 2001, Margaret White

London Study Day, 16 Feb. 2002, Sue Cumming

News and Views, Anne Williamson

An Ode to Ancient Appledore, Tony Evans

News from other Societies


Bird Illustrations, Fred Shepherd


NL 7,

March 2001


Letter from the Chairperson, Margaret White

Spring Meeting, Tavistock, 5–7 May 2000, Brian Fullagar

Autumn AGM Meeting, Woolacombe, 30 Sep.–1 Oct. 2000, Chris Clarke

Redhill Meeting, 11 Oct. 2000, Margaret White

London Study Day, 24 Feb. 2001, Ian Walker

Schools Writing Competition, Ann Bishop

News and Views

The Dictionary of National Biography, Anne Williamson

What's in a Name, Fred Shepherd

The Dark Lantern Illuminated, Peter Lewis

The Battle of Batts Meadow, Tony Evans


NL 6,

March 2000


Spring Meeting, 7–9 May 1999, Brome Grange, Suffolk, Brian Fullagar

Redhill Local Meeting, 20 Nov. 1999

Impressions of the Annual General Meeting of the Henry Williamson Society, 1–3 Oct. 1999, Adam Reed

AGM Minutes

Crown-and-Anchor, Peter Lewis

The Ultimate Accolade, Fred Shepherd

Bookmark, Brian Fullagar

Hoxygen Horace, H. G. Singleton and Fred Shepherd

News and Views


NL 5,

March 1999


Ida Loetitia Williamson: An Appreciation, Richard Williamson and Robert Williamson

Obituary: Tim Morley, Chairman 1986–1989

News and Views

Schools Writing Competition, Ann Bishop

AGM Minutes

1998 Spring Meeting of the Henry Williamson Society: A First Impression by Newcomer Jules Lyne

Autumn Meeting and AGM, Woolacombe, October 1998: The Impressions of Tony Boakes

South Eastern Area Meeting, Redhill, 22 Nov. 1998

Evelyn Waugh as a Fictional Character, Jeffrey A. Manley

Dedication of Headstone to Leyland Lewis Duncan, 19 Sept. 1998, Brian Fullagar

Literary Norfolk: An Illustrated Companion, review, Anne Williamson

The 'In Flanders Fields Museum' Ypres, and Other Reflections on the 80th Anniversary, Fred Shepherd

John Clibbert Thomas, Peter Lewis

Oswald Jones: Obituary, John Gregory


NL 4,

March 1998



News and Views

The Pathway to Hope: A Very Personal Account of the 1997 Spring Meeting at Hope Cove, Rosie Cornish

Joint Meeting with Lewisham Local History Society at Colfe's Grammar School, 11 Sep. 1997

Autumn Meeting, October 1997, Woolacombe

AGM Minutes

Redhill, 8 Nov. 1997

A Talk Given at the Prendergast School ('West Kent Grammar School' of the Chronicle), Nov. 1997, Fred Shepherd


Jonathan Sale bathes in the delights of A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight

Henry Williamson [a poem], Douglas Jordan

The Henry Williamson Society and the Internet, John Gregory

News of other Societies

The Margaret Clarke Memorial Award


NL 3,

March 1997


News and Views

Plea from Anne Williamson

Special Joint Meeting of the Henry Williamson Society and Lewisham Local History Society (forthcoming), Fred Shepherd

The Henry Williamson Society Meeting at Blakeney, May 1996, Sue Cumming

The Redhill Mafia! Redhill, 2 Nov., Margaret White

Autumn Meeting 1996, 4-7 Oct., Brian Dear

AGM Minutes

'Tarka's Creator', Anne Williamson

A Wartime Summer's Morn, Douglas (Ackers) Jordan

Fishy Tales

The Baggy Erratic


Envoi, Stephen Francis Clarke

News of other Societies

Apology, Peter Lewis



NL 2,

March 1996


News and Views


Spring Meeting, 5-7 May 1995

The Centenary Weekend, 6-8 Oct. 1995, A Recollection by Tim Morley

High Elms and Bromley Central Library: HW Centenary Exhibitions, August and September 1995

Schools Writing Competition, Ann Bishop


A Williamson Family Bible, Fred Shepherd

A Birthday Celebration for Henry, Pamela Waugh

The Lunatic Fringe, June Emerson

Resumé of Events during the Henry Williamson Centenary Year, 1995

Contemporary Reviews of The Beautiful Years and The Peregrine's Saga


NL 1,

March 1995

News and Views

A Note from the Chairman, Will Harris

Events Secretary, Will Harris

Notice of Election of Officers

A Sad Farewell - Two Obituaries

'Books for Life: The Librarian's Choice'

Diary of forthcoming Centenary Celebrations