Study Day, 3 March 2018





Swedenborg Hall


Barter Street, Holborn



Study Day, 3 March 2018




'All things linkèd are'


(Francis Thompson)




An advance notice prepared by Anne Williamson, with an outline programme for the day and a request for contributions, is given on a PDF here.


The full programme is given on a PDF here.



In summary:


The subject is ambitious: an examination of that extra dimension, that visionary quality, those rather mystical threads, that sense of spirituality, that underpins most of HW's writing.  It is rather an abstract quality and has many aspects and different meanings for each of us as individuals: a broad subject with room for many interpretations and perpectives.


The advance notice is to give all members an opportunity for some input. Perhaps a particular book holds a special meaning – or a thread of thought you find in various books some aspect that has meaning and uplifts you. We are sure that those members who plan to come to the meeting will have some thoughts and be prepared to share these. But there must be others of you who would like to contribute your own ideas, even if not present. Members are encouraged to put these in writing and send them to Anne. The outline programme gives her contact details.










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