Spring Meeting, May 2017



The Henry Williamson Society Spring Meeting 2017






Friday 19 May – Sunday 21 May



The village of Cross Aulton in Surrey was twelve miles from Hyde Park Corner as the coach drove; but ten by way of the London, Epsom and Dorking Railway. The parish comprised nearly three thousand acres, of which four hundred were meadow land, twenty-four were water – being the river and its many tributary springs and rillets breaking our of the chalky subsoil – and the remainder occupied by railways, public roads, and market gardens.


The Dark Lantern, opening of Chapter Three



The Spring Meeting this year will be held at Carshalton, South London, the setting for Richard Maddison's early romancing with Hetty Turney in The Dark Lantern, the first volume of A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight.


The meeting will be based at the Greyhound Hotel, on the High Street at Carshalton, where rooms have been reserved. Accommodation details and rates are available here.


The full programme for the weekend is given here.


Those interesting in attending are requested to complete and return the Registration Form.






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