The Henry Williamson Society

HWS Journal, No. 36

HWS Journal, No. 36

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September 2000. See product details for table of contents.

Illus., pp. 96, paperback, Henry Williamson Society, 2000



The Light of Khristos, Brian Sanders

The Radfords of Ingo Brake, Lydford, Tony Evans

Two Postcards of Lydford Gorge (to HW from Joyce (Jo) Radford)

Sketch Map of Lydford and the Gorge, Anne Williamson

‘A Daffodyll in the grasses of Mankind’, Anne Williamson

Comment on previous articles on The Star-born, Anne Williamson

Notes for Phantasy (MS of the original concept), Henry Williamson

Three pages from the full MS of The Star-born, Henry Williamson

Unpublished ‘Introduction’ to The Star-born, Henry Williamson

Some Instances of Symbolism in The Star-born, Tony Evans and Anne Williamson

The Learned Pig, Anne Williamson

From a Wartime Norfolk Journal: Easter 1944, Henry Williamson

A Portrait of Richard Maddison, Parts 3, 4, and 5, Peter Lewis

Holiday postcards from William Leopold Williamson

The Stark Truth of War, Fred Shepherd

Two Dedicated Otter Men, John Irving

Henry: One of the Faces at the Window, Maurice Wiggin

Obituary: Father Brocard Sewell


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