Privacy Notice: Schools' Writing Competition









1. In accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) the Henry Williamson Society (hereinafter ‘The Society’) collects limited data concerning the schools whose students enter the competition. This data comprises school name, address and email address. Entrants’ names, dates of birth and school (written on the entered essay/poem, which must be on paper) are retained for six months after the closing date, except for the three prize-winners.


2. The Society recognises the importance of protecting the competition entrants’ privacy with the database of schools’ names and addresses and paper record of prize-winners’ names being held and managed by the competition organiser only, respectively on a secure database and in a lockable container. The Society has a strict policy of not selling or trading any information about its members, customers or prospective customers, including competition entrants and their schools of origin, to any company, organisation or person outside the Society.


3. Competition entrants’ personal data (name, date of birth and school) are retained only as written on the competition entry during judging. After initial judging, a shortlist of 12 entries is circulated for final judging anonymously, without entrant’s name or school. Notification of the three prize-winners is done through the school which is asked to inform the parents and student concerned. Issue of prizes is similarly carried out through the school.  All entries, including those of the prize-winners, are destroyed no later than six months after the competition’s closing date.


4. The basis on which the schools’ information and students’ limited personal data is held by the competition organiser is considered to be consent, as entry to the competition is voluntary. Under the terms of the GDPR the Society considers that competition entrants have the right to sight of the information held on them by the Society for the purpose of conducting the competition (that is, their entry containing their name, date of birth and school) including withdrawal, deletion and/or return of their entry, at any time, by contacting the competition organiser.


5. From 25 May 2018 the GDPR requires that specific consent to the processing of an individual’s personal data by any organisation. For children under 16, additional consent from a person holding parental responsibility in addition to that child’s own consent is required. For the purposes of the Schools’ Writing Competition the individual entrant’s school is considered to be fulfilling this role in giving this additional consent.


6. The Society’s website advertises the competition and displays the three winning entries and their school of origin, together with successful entries for the previous competitions; winners’ names are not given. The website collates hit data, but this information is not forwarded to or shared with any third party, only technical data such as domain name, country, browser, computer operating system and internet browser being recorded. The three winning entries and schools of origin are also displayed at the Society's Annual General Meeting and published in the Society’s annual Newsletter.


7. This privacy notice applies only to the Society’s Schools’ Writing Competition. The Society’s general privacy notice is also available on this website; there is a link at the foot of every web page.



(Created May 2018)