The Alvis Silver Eagle figures large in Henry Williamson's writings, and in the eyes of the members of the Henry Williamson Society it has assumed a mythic status. To discover that, against all the odds, the car had not only survived being converted to a farm workhorse and the ignominy of retrieving gilder tow ropes, but had been restored and was still on the road was nothing less than astonishing. It was a special occasion, therefore, when in May 1994, at the Society's Spring meeting, the present owner, Alex Marsh, arrived at Old Hall Farm, Stiffkey, and we were able to see it for the first time. This series of photographs was taken on this occasion.



motors 3 25 Silver Eagle 1
Loetitia Williamson, then aged 93, at the wheel
motors 3 26 Silver Eagle 2
Three of the Williamson brothers – Robert, Richard and Bill – by their father's old car
motors 3 27 Silver Eagle 3
Bill Williamson, who came over from Canada for the occasion
motors 3 28 Silver Eagle 5
motors 3 29 Silver Eagle 6
motors 3 30 Silver Eagle 7
motors 3 31 Silver Eagle 8
Some lucky people even got a ride . . .
motors 3 32 Silver Eagle 9
 . . . the open road, from the passenger seat, the Silver Eagle radiator cap prominent
Photographs courtesy of John Gregory



The latest photographs of the car, from 2021, show it cosseted in its plywood-lined garage, and on a recent outing. The owner remarks: 'the shot was taken this Christmas with three of my grandchildren in the back. Cold but fun – HW would have approved. The Silver Eagle is running very well – I am sorting her clutch this winter.'



motors 3 33 Silver Eagle


motors 3 34 Silver Eagle


motors 3 35 Silver Eagle
Photographs courtesy of Alex Marsh




This Silver Eagle is now over 90 years old, and has led an extraordinary existence. It is clearly ready for another 90 years!