Village Tales

Paperback, Breslich and Foss, 1984.

Book condition: spine creased but not broken, small creases in front and back covers, otherwise a nice enough copy of this reprint of 'Tales of a Devon Village' (Faber, 1945).
Price: £2.50


The publisher's blurb on the back cover reads: 'An entertaining, moving and often humorous portrait of a vanished way of life, Village Tales contains some of Henry Williamson's most evocative writing about the countryside, including "The Mystery of a Damp Cottage", "Billy Goldsworthy's Cow" and "The Fox in the Moonlight".


'Living in a remote part of North Devon, Williamson shared the village with neighbours such as Charlie Tucker the carpenter, the quarrelsome "Sailor" Zeale, and old Sparker, the one-time local wrestling champion. His book describes the days when adders were called longcripples, tomtits were known as ackymals and the cliff's [sic] echoed to the peregrine's cry. It is a world os small dramas – the death of a favourite cow, a badger dig, courting couples and a comical local bobby chasing imaginary burglars, but one that is both vivid and memorable.'


(For a further consideration of the book, see Anne Williamson's Tales of, and Life in, a Devon Village.)