The Star-born

Hardback, Faber, revised edition, 1948; with illustrations by Mildred E. Eldridge.

Book condition: lacking dust wrapper, otherwise good.
Price: £10.00


A pendant to The Flax of Dream.


Anne Williamson notes: ‘The Star-born was actually written in 1922 but was not published until 1933 when it was supposedly the book written by Willie Maddison in The Pathway.’


The publisher’s blurb to the first edition (1933), illustrated with woodcuts by C. F. Tunnicliffe, states: ‘The Star-born, a work arising from tragic circumstances, was described by its author at the time of writing, as “a celestial fantasy”. The theme of this strange and unusual book is Dartmoor, in particular the ruined castle keep of Lydford village, and the gorge of the river Lyd, which runs in the depths of the forest. Time, the present.’


The Star-born was revised for a new edition in 1948, with illustrations by Mildred E. Eldridge. The publisher’s blurb states: ‘This is a new and revised edition of Henry Williamson’s pendant  to the four stories – The Beautiful Years, Dandelion Days, The Dream of Fair Women and The Pathway – that make up The Flax of Dream. The Star Born is a strange tale which moves between two worlds; a celestial fantasy with a Dartmoor setting. Of the original version, The Times reviewer said: “As ever, Mr Williamson’s descriptions of animal and bird life and of the countryside of Devonshire are full of a strange beauty which, even apart from his story, makes his book alive and enchanting.”’


(For a further consideration of the book and the background to the writing of it, see Anne Williamson's The Star-born.)