The Peregrine's Saga and Other Wild Tales

Paperback, Futura, 1982.

Book condition: good.
Price: £2.00


This is a curious edition. The text is taken, not from any previous editions on The Peregrine's Saga as one would expect, but from Henry Williamson's Collected Nature Stories (Macdonald, 1970). As the stories from The Peregrine's Saga devoted to peregrines had already been reprinted in The Henry Williamson Animal Saga (Macdonald, 1960), they were not used again in the Collected Nature Stories, which contained the stories not concerned with those birds; the unfortunate result is that this Futura paperback, despite its title, does not contain any ‘peregrine's saga’ stories. One wonders what readers made of that! The blurb of this Futura edition calls HW: ‘The last great visionary of his generation, a man much loved, much misunderstood, and a writer by turns neglected and famous. . . .’


(For a further consideration of the book and the background to the writing of it, see Anne Williamson's The Peregrine's Saga.)