The Novels of Henry Williamson

by John Middleton Murry. Card covers, The Henry Williamson Society, 1986; with an Introduction by J. W. Blench.

Book condition: very good. Some slight age-related darkening to the blue laminated cover.
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This lengthy essay (65 pages here), a consideration of Henry Williamson's novels up the publication of How Dear is Life in 1954, first appeared in John Middleton Murry's posthumously published Katherine Mansfield and Other Literary Studies (Constable, 1959).


As Dr Wheatley Blench states in his Foreword:


It has often been remarked that until the recent past there has been a tendency for critics of Henry Williamson's work to attempt to analyse the man rather than the writing which he produced in a career lasting for over fifty years.


One notable exception among the older critics was John Middleton Murry (1889–1957) who founded and edited the literary magazine The Adelphi from 1923 to 1948 when Williamson succeeded him as editor for three numbers. Like Williamson, Murry farmed for some years in East Anglia. . . . In Katherine Mansfield and Other Literary Studies . . . is to be found one of Murry's most brilliant and discerning essays, 'The Novels of Henry Williamson'. The book has long been out of print and is difficult to obtain. For this reason the essay is here reprinted by the Henry Williamson Society.'


The reprint itself has long been out of print (although currently available as an e-book), and is a scarce item.