The Linhay on the Downs; And Other Adventures in the Old and the New World

Paperback, Alan Sutton, 1984; a reprint of the first edition.

Book condition: a fine copy, unread and as new.
Price: £7.50


First published in 1934 by Jonathan Cape, the publisher's blurb to the first edition reads: 'Mr. Henry Williamson has the rare gift of making us see familiar things with a fresh eye, and unfamiliar things with a responsive eye. In his latest book, he takes us both near and far, but we go nowhere without feeling that we are in the company of one who, as "T. E. Lawrence" said of him, "could make even Bradshaw interesting". Mr. Williamson describes walks along the riverbanks and sea-coast of Devon, on Salisbury Plain, in London, in the Midlands and the Black Country. Then he takes us across the Atlantic, to New York, down to Georgia and Florida, up into New England and Canada, and home to England again. He tells of many places and people and animals, trout, turtles, alligators, white herons and rattlesnakes, always with a freshness and vigour that makes this decidedly one of Mr. Williamson's outstanding books.'


(For a further consideration of the book and the background to the writing of it, see Anne Williamson's The Linhay on the Downs.)