The Henry Williamson Animal Saga

Hardback, Book Club Associates, 1974.

Book condition: lacking the dust wrapper, spine a little faded, but otherwise a very nice reading copy of these four classic nature stories.
Price: £1.50


The publisher's blurb to the first edition of this omnibus collection reads: 'Within this volume are contained not only the spledid narratives of Tarka The Otter and Salar The Salmon, but also the shorter but no less masterly Epic of Brock The Badger and Chakchek the Peregrine.


'The country of these stories lies between the Severn Sea to the north and Dartmoor and its rivers to the south. It was here that the author came as a young man when he was still, as he says, his own master, his thoughts were free, and he saw his life – in conjunction with the wild – as a sort of symphoney or saga.


'The Henry Williamson Animal Saga therefore has a unity of spirit and period, and begins and ends a phase of his life in North Devon which Henry Williamson describes most revealingly in the four introductory pieces that he has written specially for this book.'


(For a further consideration of the book and the background to the writing of it, see Anne Williamson's The Henry Williamson Animal Saga.)