Tales of a Devon Village

Hardback, Faber and Faber, reprinted June 1946.

Book condition: a nice copy with dust wrapper.
Price: £4.50


This, together with its companion volume Life in a Devon Village, are recast from Henry Williamson's earlier books The Village Book (1930) and The Labouring Life (1932). The publisher's blurb for this edition reads: 'When Mr. Henry Williamson went to live in a thatched cottage in a North Devon village after the last war, he entered into the life about him with great zest; and several books of the period were published, but reached only a limited public. Now he has regrouped the books; and the first to reappear contains the stories, most of them written with a light, amusing touch, in Tales of a Devon Village, which covers the ten years of his life in the village. Mr. Williamson is well known for his animal and country books; but here, we think, another aspect of him is revealed, and one that should bring him the wide public that his varied talents deserve.'