Henry Williamson: The Man, The Writings: A Symposium

Edited by Fr Brocard Sewell. Hardback, Tabb House, 1980; illustrated with 8 photographs of Henry Williamson by Oswald Jones.

Book condition: good, with dust wrapper.
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The publisher's blurb states: 'Henry Williamson, author of Tarka the Otter, Salar the Salmon, and many other famous books, died on 13 August 1977. Since then the film of Tarka has introduced his work to thousands of new readers, who will wish to learn more about its author and his writings. They will not find such information easy to come by. Middleton Murry, George D. Painter, Anthony Burgess, and Bernard Bergonzi have written critical appreciations of aspects of Henry Williamson's writing, but Father Sewell's symposium is the first book to discuss his works in their totality. It will thus be useful to the "general reader", and also to students of English literature working at university level. The biographical contributions, by some of Williamson's close friends, will supply another need. These writers, who knew him well, do not shirk the more controversial aspects of his career, which they discuss with a proper candour.'



The Symposium has an Introduction by Ronald Duncan, and contributors include: Sylvia Bruce, Hugh Cecil, David Hoyle, Oswald Jones, Roger Mortimer and Ruth Tomalin. Ted Hughes's 'Address given at the Memorial Service for Henry Williamson at St Martin's-in-the-Fields, London, 1 December 1979' is one of the two Appendices.