Devon Holiday

Hardback, Jonathan Cape, first edition, 1935.

Book condition: lacking the dust wrapper, cloth covers consequently sun-faded and mottled as usual, some internal foxing, but a nice tight copy.
Price: £15.00


The publisher's blurb states: 'A very well-named book, and from the right author. Mr. Williamson has written this refreshing book in the spirit in which he hopes it may be read – in a holiday spirit. It tells how, wearied by the literary life, he suddenly "goes native" and with a group of friends sets out on a rambling, haphazard walk through Devon, over Exmoor and Dartmoor. One of them takes down the stories and obita dicta told by the leader, and the resulting chronicle is a vigorous and unorthodox picture of Devon and Devon people as they are to-day. There is plenty of comedy in such characters as Mr. M. F. H. Zeale, the eager expert on rural life and close friend of the author, and the American professor in search of the old Devon of romantic tradition.'


This is the first and only edition of a light-hearted narrative which links six short stories, mostly hitherto unpublished in book-form, while a postscript laments the recent death of T. E. Lawrence (who appears briefly as 'G. B. Everest').


(For a further consideration of the book and the background to the writing of it, see Anne Williamson's Devon Holiday.)