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We will not be specialising in first editions and collectors items (though they may appear), but instead offer 'reading' copies at affordable prices. Further titles will be added as they become available.


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Under 'Product details' for individual books we have generally used the original publishers' blurbs for either the first or other editions, as these are interesting in themselves; while for anyone wishing to delve a little deeper, we have added, when appropriate, a link to Anne Williamson's consideration of the book, together with the background to its writing, in her series 'A Life's Work'.


Note that all books are by Henry Williamson, unless otherwise stated.


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Second-hand books

The Phoenix Generation

Hardback, Macdonald, first edition, 1965.

Book condition: shabby, lacking dust wrapper, a reading copy.

Price: £5.00

The Beautiful Years

Hardback, Faber, revised edition, reprinted 1932.

Book condition: lacking dust wrapper, otherwise fair.

Price: £5.00

The Beautiful Years

Hardback, Faber, revised edition, reprinted 1935.

Book condition: lacking dust wrapper, otherwise fair.

Price: £5.00

The Pathway

Paperback, Faber, 1969.

Book condition: good.

Price: £5.00

As the Sun Shines

Hardback, Faber & Faber, first edition, August 1941.

Book condition: dust wrapper frayed at edges and a small section missing at the top of the spine, which is sun-faded; otherwise a very nice copy.

Price: £5.00

A Clear Water Stream

Hardback, Macdonald & Jane's, new edition, 1975; with illustrations by Peter Cross.

Book condition: good, with dust wrapper.

Price: £5.00

Salar the Salmon

Paperback, Little Toller Books, 2010; with an Introduction by Michael Morpurgo and illustrations by C. F. Tunnicliffe.

Book condition: good.

Price: £5.00

Salar the Salmon

Hardback, Faber and Faber, 1935; first edition.

Book condition: good, lacking dust wrapper

Price: £5.00

The Lone Swallows and Other Essays of Boyhood and Youth

Paperback, Alan Sutton, 1984. Illustrated by C. F. Tunnicliffe.

Book condition: as new, with spine uncreased.

Price: £5.00

A Clear Water Stream

Hardback, Faber & Faber, first edition, 1958.

Book condition: very good, with dust wrapper. Front flyleaf has numerous signatures, the book presumably being presented to a colleague.

Price: £5.00

The Story of a Norfolk Farm

Hardback, Faber & Faber, first edition, 1941.

Book condition: lacking dust wrapper, and covers worn, but internally good. A good reading copy.

Price: £5.00

Tarka the Otter

Hardback, The Bodley Head, new edition, 1975; illustrated by C. F. Tunnicliffe

Book condition: very good, with dustwrapper. Some foxing to edges. Inserted is a two-page clipping from the Sunday Telegraph Magazine (Dec. 1978) on the making of the film Tarka the Otter, with colour photos. This appeared shortly before the film's premiere. The clipping has caused some staining to the front fly leaf and front flap of the dust wrapper.

Price: £5.00

A Fox Under My Cloak

Hardback, Macdonald, first edtion, 1955

Book condition: ex-library copy, with the usual library stamps. The binding has a home-made brown paper wrapper. A worn copy, much read, which we would hesitate to offer but for the fact that this is a scarce book to find in any edition. A reading copy only.

Price: £5.00

The Gold Falcon, or The Haggard of Love

Hardback, Faber, Second edition, reprinted February 1947.

Book condition: lacking the dust wrapper, covers a little worn, but a reasonable copy.

Price: £5.50

Norfolk Life

by Lilias Rider Haggard and Henry Williamson. Hardback, Faber & Faber, third impression, 1943.

Book condition: a very nice copy, but lacking the dust wrapper.

Price: £5.50

The Old Stag, and Other Hunting Stories

Hardback, Putnam, reprint of the first illustrated edition, June 1942

Book condition: Lacking the dust wrapper, some foxing to page edges, but otherwise a very nice copy. Tunnicliffe's woodcuts are well reproduced.

Price: £6.50

The Linhay on the Downs; And Other Adventures in the Old and the New World

Paperback, Alan Sutton, 1984; a reprint of the first edition.

Book condition: a fine copy, unread and as new.

Price: £7.50

A Shadowed Man: Henry Williamson, 1895-1977

by Lois Lamplugh. Hardback, The Exmoor Press, 1991; second revised edition, Foreword by Richard Williamson, illustrated.

Book condition: as new, with dust wrapper.

Price: £8.00

The Patriot's Progress, Being the Vicissitudes of Pte. John Bullock

Hardback, Geoffrey Bles, first edition, April 1930.

Book condition: covers marked and worn, but internally good; lacking dust wrapper. A reasonable copy of this first edtion.

Price: £8.00

Love and the Loveless: A Soldier's Tale

Hardback, Cedric Chivers for the Library Association, 1974; a reprint of the first edition.

Book condition: a nice copy, with some slight foxing to page edges; with dust wrapper, in a protective sleeve.

Price: £8.50