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Under 'Product details' for individual books we have generally used the original publishers' blurbs for either the first or other editions, as these are interesting in themselves; while for anyone wishing to delve a little deeper, we have added, when appropriate, a link to Anne Williamson's consideration of the book, together with the background to its writing, in her series 'A Life's Work'.


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Second-hand books

The Village Book

Hardback, Jonathan Cape, first edition, 1930.

Book condition: good, lacking the dust wrapper. Several passages have been marked in pencil, as if for reading extracts.

Price: £5.00

Village Tales

Paperback, Breslich and Foss, 1984.

Book condition: spine creased but not broken, small creases in front and back covers, otherwise a nice enough copy of this reprint of 'Tales of a Devon Village' (Faber, 1945).

Price: £2.50

The Linhay on the Downs

Hardback, Jonathan Cape, Life and Letters Series, 1938.

Book condition: ex-library copy, with library stamps, covers and spine commensurately worn. Good reading copy.

Price: £2.50

Norfolk Life

by Lilias Rider Haggard and Henry Williamson. Hardback, Faber & Faber, first edition, 1943.

Book condition: the dust wrapper is missing part of the spine, otherwise a nice copy.

Price: £3.00

Wandering with Tarka: A celebration of the 90th anniversary of the publication of 'Tarka the Otter' on 12 October 1927

by Anne Williamson. Card covers, A4 32-page booklet, Henry Williamson Society, 2017; illustrated.

Book condition: A very nice copy.

Price: £3.00

The Power of the Dead

Hardback, Macdonald, first edition, 1963.

Book condition: ex-library copy, dust wrapper laminated and partially stuck to the binding, with a library book plate and stamps. A nice reading copy, nevertheless.

Price: £5.00

The Phoenix Generation

Hardback, Macdonald, first edition, 1965.

Book condition: a vey nice copy, spine of dust wrapper age-darkened.

Price: £17.50

The Patriot's Progress

Paperback, Sphere Books, 1978; illustrated with lino-cuts by William Kermode.

Book condition: Spine creased and small mark on top edge, otherwise good.

Price: £1.00

A Clear Water Stream

Hardback, Faber & Faber, first edition, 1958.

Book condition: very good, with dust wrapper. Front flyleaf has numerous signatures, the book presumably being presented to a colleague.

Price: £5.00

The Old Stag, and Other Hunting Stories

Hardback, Putnam, reprint of the first illustrated edition, June 1942

Book condition: Lacking the dust wrapper, some foxing to page edges, but otherwise a very nice copy. Tunnicliffe's woodcuts are well reproduced.

Price: £6.50

A Clear Water Stream

Hardback, Macdonald & Jane's, new edition, 1975; with illustrations by Peter Cross.

Book condition: ex-library copy, with library binding (dust wrapper is sealed to the cover), withdrawal stamp on front flyleaf and library stamp on title page; fine internally, so a good reading copy.

Price: £1.00

Salar the Salmon

Paperback, Faber and Faber, 1972; with illustrations by C. F. Tunnicliffe.

Book condition: covers protected by clear film, top and front edges foxed, but otherwise a nice copy.

Price: £1.50

The Village Book

Hardback, Jonathan Cape, The Traveller's Library, 1937

Book condition: lacking the dust wrapper, edges a little marked, but otherwise a nice copy.

Price: £1.75

The Dream of Fair Women

Hardback, Faber, The Faber Library, revised edition, 1933.

Book condition: lacks the dust wrapper, spine and front edge slightly marked by foxing, otherwise a nice tight copy.

Price: £2.50

The Beautiful Years

Hardback, Faber, The Faber Library, reprint of revised edition, 1935.

Book condition: Front hinge repaired with sticky tape and inside covers front and back have marks suggesting that it was perhaps a library copy, though there are no stamps. A reading copy only.

Price: £1.50

The Phasian Bird

Hardback, Faber and Faber, 1948; first edition.

Book condition: lacking the dust wrapper, small nick at top of spine, contemporary inscription on front inside cover: 'W. Shutter (?), Stiffkey, June 1949' (HW farmed at Stiffkey, of course, so it's quite likely they knew one another). Internally fine.

Price: £2.00

The Sun in the Sands

Hardback, Faber & Faber, first edition, 1945

Book condition: lacking the dust wrapper, covers worn, spine split and frontispiece missing. A reading copy only.

Price: £1.00

The Story of a Norfolk Farm

Hardback, Readers' Union by arrangement with Faber & Faber, reprint 1942.

Book condition: lacking dust wrapper, top of back cover bent affecting also pages towards the end, spine worn. Good reading copy.

Price: £1.50

The Sun in the Sands

Hardback, Faber & Faber, second impression, December 1945; with a portrait frontispiece.

Book condition: lacking the dust wrapper, but otherwise good tight copy. Also inserted are two newspaper clippings, one being the Daily Telegraph's obituary of HW by David Holloway.

Price: £2.50

The Star-born

Hardback, Faber, revised edition, 1948; with illustrations by Mildred E. Eldridge.

Book condition: dust wrapper worn and creased with a tear at the top of the spine without loss; cloth a little faded, otherwise a nice copy.

Price: £11.50