A Breath of Country Air, Part Two

Paperback, Henry Williamson Society, 1991; Foreword by Robert Williamson.

Book condition: as new, apart from some some slight fading of the blue card front cover.
Price: £3.50


One of the series of collected writings published by the Henry Williamson Society.


Between 1937 and 1945 Henry Williamson farmed 243 acres of difficult land in North Norfolk, bringing a near-derelict farm to an A grade classification during the years of the Second World War. Throughout those years he was also writing newspaper articles, to help finance the farm. The essays contained in A Breath of Country Air – originally published by the Society in two volumes for cost reasons – bring together Williamson’s weekly pieces in the London Evening Standard, written during 1944 and 1945. They are broadly concerned with day-to-day happenings on the farm, featuring particularly his two young sons Rikky and Robbie, together with other reflections on country life. Part Two contains 37 of these articles, all written in 1945. Robert Williamson, in his Foreword, remembers that, after the move to Botesdale, ‘being away at school, the holidays were greatly enjoyed, and Henry has captured the mood of these holidays, now that the strain of the farm had gone’.


Part Two also includes a 15-part serial, QUEST, unpublished since 1946, which forms a postscript to the Norfolk farm. 


(For further information about the book and its contents, see A Breath of Country Air.)