HWS Journal, No. 34

'Reality in War Literature', September 1998. See product details for the table of contents.
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Illus., pp. 104, paperback, Henry Williamson Society, 1998




Reality in War Literature, Henry Williamson
A small selection of ‘Notes’ re 1914 and 1915, Henry Williamson
Extracts from Letters found on Germans during the Somme Battle
The Orders for the attack on the Hindenburg Line May 1917

Food Shortage at Home 1917
Truthful Poem: An Unemployed Ex-Soldier
Honeymoon 1925: some postcards from the Battlefields
Chyebassa Reunion 1926
And This Was Ypres – 1927 Visit, Henry Williamson
I Believe in the Men Who Died, Henry Williamson
The Last 100 Days, Henry Williamson
Further Notes for the Chronicle, Henry Williamson
Love and the Loveless: Some Cover Sketches
Reflections on the Death of a Field Marshal, Henry Williamson
Some Thoughts on ‘Spectre’ West, Anne Williamson
‘A Group of Soldiers’, Anne Williamson
A Critical Approach to A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight, Part II, Dr J. Wheatley Blench