HWS Journal, No. 54

September 2018. See product details for the table of contents.
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Illus., pp. 96, paperback, Henry Williamson Society, 2018




Obituary: Tony Evans (1937-2017): a Life Recalled, John Gregory

Sparker Ley and Devon-style Wrestling, Tony Evans

Old Comrades: Letters to Henry Williamson, John Gregory

The Golden Virgin: a design for a lithograph by Cyril J. Frost, Richard Hollis

The Barber of Ypres, Henry Williamson & Anne Williamson

Two Henry Williamson articles: on Muggy Smith and Tiger Kift

Five Animal Characters in the Writings of Henry Williamson:

I    Bodger (of Great Snoring), Anne Williamson

II   The Donks, Pamela Waugh

III   Hetty's Mouse, Margaret White

IV  Henry's Kestrels, John Gregory

V   Timmy Rat: Phillip's beloved pet, Robert Walker

Winter with Williamson, Colin Watson

Book reviews: Charles Tunnicliffe Prints: a Catalogue Raisonné; and

The Uncommon Reader: A Life of Edward Garnett, Anne Williamson

Obituary: David Cobham (1930-2018), Anne Williamson

Short articles:

Barnstaple's concrete ships, John Bradbeer

In search of Henry, Jim Green

George Mackie: diary page from Summer 1944, Anne Williamson

Tailpiece: Two Poems

'English Hill', Lindsay Dannatt

'Lark Song', Tim ffytche