We recognise that e-books are becoming increasingly common, with the advent not just of Kindles and other e-book readers, but iPads and other tablets and smartphones.


E-books also offer an ideal way for us to reissue our out-of-print books, and indeed as a format for new titles.


We have now completed the conversion of our entire publication list (twenty books) to e-books, and have issued a new title, Following in Henry Williamson's Footsteps, as an e-book only. We have additionally republished as e-books Richard Williamson's first two books, both long out-of-print: his memoir The Dawn is My Brother and the novel Capreol: The Story of a Roebuck. Richard has been the President of the Henry Williamson Society since its formation in 1980.


Our e-books are offered in two different file formats: as mobi files (which are Kindle compatible), and EPUB files (compatible with most, if not all, other e-book readers). Please specify which file you require when ordering, using the 'special requests' field.


We are investigating autodownloading of these files, but in the meantime, once an order is placed the appropriate file will be emailed to you for you to download on to your device.


If you have any queries, please direct them to the Online Bookshop here.

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Days of Wonder (e-book only)

A collection of the articles that appeared in the Daily Express between 1966 and 1971 on subjects ranging from the battles of the Somme and Vimy Ridge to the wreck of the Torrey Canyon in March 1967 and conservation issues.

Price: £3.50

Chronicles of a Norfolk Farmer (e-book only)

Forty-five articles written for the Daily Express between 1937 and 1939 covering HW's last months at Shallowford in Devon, the move to Norfolk, the difficulties first encountered by a total beginner to farming, the disastrous crash in the price of barley in 1938, and the opening months of the Second World War.

Price: £3.50

Heart of England (e-book only)

Written originally as a way of paying off unexpectedly high bills during his early years of farming in Norfolk, these beautifully written articles by Henry Williamson, set in both Norfolk and Devon, are counterpointed and given immediacy by the inclusion of the evening’s headlines after each article, depicting the deteriorating international situation as the Second World War begins.

Price: £3.50
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