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HWS Journal, No. 52

September 2016. See product details for the table of contents.

Price: £5.00

HWS Journal, No. 51

September 2015. See product details for the table of contents.

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HW Society shopping bag

Natural canvas shopping bag, 42cm high x 37cm wide, with 10cm gusset.

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Henry Williamson: A brief look at his Life and Writings in North Devon in the 1920s and '30s (e-book)

This short anthology serves as an introduction to Henry Williamson’s early writings about North Devon, which established his reputation as perhaps the foremost British nature writer of the twentieth century. There are extracts from Williamson’s classic novels Tarka the Otter and Salar the Salmon, as well as from less well-known works, illustrated by contemporary photographs.

Price: £2.50

Henry Williamson: The Man, The Writings

This is still the only critical work to be published on Henry Williamson. An important and readable book it provides a fascinating insight into aspects of Williamson and his works.

Price: £5.00

Threnos for T. E. Lawrence, and other writings

A collection of important essays on books and writers, who include T. E. Lawrence, Richard Aldington, Richard Jefferies, W. H. Hudson, and Francis Thompson; together with Williamson's prefaces and introductions to books by V. M. Yeates, James Farrar, Walter Robson, John Heygate and others; and the text of T. E. Lawrence's long (and entertaining) letter of criticism of Tarka the Otter.

Price: £5.00