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A note on Anne James



Photographs by Anne James, taken during the filming of The Survivor



In 2000 Patrick Garland, who lived nearby, gave me (Anne Williamson) a selection of the photographs taken during the filming, with permission to use them. His note enclosing them stated: 'Good memories come flooding back.' One set of the photographs has ‘Anne James’ on the reverse and it was presumed that she was the photographer. Ms James confirmed that this was so when she was contacted, and that she held the copyright (‘The BBC never paid me for them, so the copyright remains with me.’). The HWS gratefully acknowledges her permission to reproduce the photographs below.



survivor 1HW took charge
HW taking charge!
survivor 2HW PG discuss
Patrick Garland and HW discuss filming
survivor 3HW PG further discussion
Further discussion
survivor 4HW deep in thought
HW deep in thought
survivor 5Trees in Field
Trees at the Field 
survivor 6Studio
The Studio in the Field (this was built in 1952)
survivor 7close up
Wood neatly piled under the extended eave specified by HW for rain protection
survivor 8HW waiting to film
Waiting to film
survivor 9checking a point
Checking a point
survivor 10Path down to Hut 1966 
The path down to the Writing Hut
survivor 11windvane on Hut 
The salmon wind-vane on the Writing Hut chimney
survivor 12HW in Hut
HW in the Writing Hut (note the photo of three of his children behind him)
survivor 13making a point
Making a point
survivor 14Reading letter TEL 
(This and the next two photographs) HW reading a letter from T. E. Lawrence
survivor 15another view 
survivor 16Another of HW reading TEL letter in Hut 
survivor 17Walking on Baggy 
Walking on Baggy Point
survivor 18Musing 
Musing on Baggy Point 
survivor 19Waiting film on Baggy Point 
Waiting to film
survivor 20HW Garland discuss
HW and Patrick Garland in discussion
survivor 21discussion continues 
The discussion continues
survivor 22Amused
Something amuses HW
survivor 23Waiting to go 
Waiting to go
survivor 24on tip of Baggy Point 
On the tip of Baggy Point
survivor 25A fearsome drop 
The fearsome 300-ft drop from Baggy's cliffs
survivor 26dramatic shot 
Patrick andf HW climb up from the cliff path
survivor 27more direction
HW receives more direction
survivor 28Bridge over River Caen
The bridge over the River Caen, on way to Braunton Marsh
survivor 29Wreck at Crow Point
A wreck at Crow Point
survivor 30Walking at Crow Point
Walking at Crow Point
survivor 31HW walking on shore Crow Point

Walking along the desolate shore beside Braunton Burrows. On the opposite shore is the old power station,

a blight on the landscape that was built in the early 1950s and closed down in 1985. It was demolished

in the late 1980s.






A note on Anne James:


Anne James had an interesting and varied career within the BBC. Born in 1928, she left school at sixteen and immediately took a secretarial course, joining the BBC as a shorthand typist in the latter part of the Second World War on £3 10s a week. She feels herself to have been ‘very, very lucky’ to have worked with such people as Sir Huw Wheldon, whom she remembers as setting ‘very high standards’, Humphrey Burton, Melvyn Bragg, and Ken Russell, as well as Patrick Garland. Regarding herself as born and bred in the BBC, and particularly the arts in television, Ms James was always interested in photography, and found that she had an aptitude for taking still photographs and ‘getting the right moment’. Indeed, the Royal Academy of Arts holds a small portfolio of her portraits of Sir Hugh Casson.


It was Humphrey Burton who was responsible for recruiting Patrick Garland, who worked as a freelance, as an occasional BBC director. Ms James recalls Patrick entering a room on one occasion looking somewhat downcast; when asked what the matter was, he replied dolefully, ‘It’s my birthday – I’m twenty-five.’ (It is worth remembering that Garland was only thirty when he produced and directed The Survivor.)


Ms James ended her career with the BBC in 1983 as a respected director, making a series of films in the series ‘Personal Pleasures’ with Sir Hugh Casson, then President of the Royal Academy of Arts, in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


During the shooting of The Survivor she was acting as PA to Patrick Garland. Unfortunately she did not keep any written notes, as she would do on future filming projects, and her recollections of the occasion are understandably few: HW gave her a lift back from filming on one location, and she remembers him as having a habit of repeating himself. Her one clear memory is of the journey home in Patrick Garland’s car after filming was complete: they were involved in an accident and the car turned over. Knocked unconscious, she woke up with her head on the sound recordist’s shoulder (Bob Roberts), but fortunately nobody was seriously hurt.








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