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The book


Photographic essay (HW's photos of the Lynmouth Flood Disaster, and others)




Critical reception:


As might be expected with such a complex book, the reviews tended to be mixed. While most reviewers appreciated the achievement of the series as a whole, some could not see the wood for the trees, while others were completely baffled. Only a small number really understood HW's overall purpose. 


Smith's Trade News, 10 May 1969 (A not quite accurate synopsis of the plot!):


gale 62 Smiths Trade News


Evening News (Bristol) (Jeremy Brien), 29 May 1969:


gale 63 Evening Post


Oxford Mail, 29 May 1969:


gale 64 Oxford Mail


Daily Express, 29 May 1969:


gale 65 Daily Express


Daily Mail, 30 May 1969 (short and sweet!):


gale 66 Daily Mail


Guardian (Christopher Wordsworth), 5 June 1969: 


gale 67 Guardian


Glasgow Herald (Donald MacCormick), 5 June 1969:    


gale 68 Glasgow Herald


New Statesman (Clive Jordan), 6 June 1969:    


gale 69 New Statesman


Birmingham Post (R. C. Churchill), 7 June 1969:    


gale 70 Birmingham Post


The Times Saturday Review (Michael Ratcliffe), 7 June 1969:   


gale 71 Times


The Sunday Times (Julian Symons), 8 June 1969:


gale 72 Sunday Times


Sunday Telegraph (Francis King), 8 June 1969:  


gale 73a Sunday Telegraph

gale 73b Sunday Telegraph


The Sunday Telegraph review was accompanied by this caricature by the noted cartoonist Nicolas Bentley:  


gale 73c Sunday Teleegraph


Northern Echo (W. J. Nesbitt), 13 June 1969:    


gale 74 Northern Echo


Western Times (Exeter), 13 June 1969:


gale 75 Western Times


The Bookseller, 14 June 1969 (from a photocopy; a survey of some of the reviews in the nationals):


gale 76 Bookseller


The Spectator (M. Capitanchik), 14 June 1969:


gale 77a Spectator i

gale 77b Spectator


Independent (Plymouth) (Michael Miller), 15 June 1969; the review is headed:


gale 78a Independent


gale 78b Independent


gale 78c Independent


Times Literary Supplement, 19 June 1969 (anonymous, as were all the reviews in the TLS for many years):


gale 79 TLS     


HW responded to this review in the issue for 26 June 1969:


gale 80 HW letter TLS


Times Educational Supplement, 20 June 1969:


gale 81 Times Ed supp


Southern Evening Echo (W. M. Hill), 20 June 1969 (If only the reviews were all as insightful – this one must have been balm to HW’s soul!):


gale 82a Southern Evening Echo

gale 82b Southern Evening Echo


Catholic Herald (Fr Brocard Sewell), 20 June 1969 (photocopy only in archive):  


gale 83a Catholic Herald


The Scotsman (Jeremy Rundall), 21 June 1969:      


gale 84 Scotsman


Illustrated London News (Dominic Le Foe), 28 June 1969: 


gale 85 Ill london News


Eastern Daily Press (Doreen Wallace), 3 July 1969:


gale 86 EDP


Scarborough Evening News, 4 July 1969:


gale 87 Scarborough Evening News


Liverpool Daily Post (Rosaleen Whateley), 9 July 1969:   


gale 88 Liverpool Daily Post


Observer, 13 July 1969:


gale 89 Observer


South Wales Echo, 25 July 1969:


gale 90 South Wales Echo


Methodist Recorder (Leslie Farmer), 7 August 1969:


gale 91a Methodist


gale 91b Methodist Recorder 


The Listener (Richard Jones), 14 August 1969:    


gale 92 Listener


Western Morning News, 15 August 1969:


gale 93 WMN


gale 93b WMN      gale 93c WMN
gale 93d WMN   gale 93g WMN


Books & Bookmen (Roger Baker), August 1969: 


gale 94a Books bookmen

gale 94b Books Bookmen


The Countryman (Ronald Blythe), Autumn 1969: 


gale 95 Countryman








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The book


Photographic essay (HW's photos of the Lynmouth Flood Disaster, and others)