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Overseas editions: dustwrappers and covers



A selection of editions published in the United States heads this list. Tarka the Otter has been translated into many different languages, and a representative sample is shown here; they are presented in country order. Owners of editions not shown here are welcome to submit scans and publication details to the webmaster.



United States


1928. E. P. Dutton and Company, New York:


Tarka US Dutton 1928 1


Tarka US Dutton 1928 2



1949.  E. P. Dutton and Company, New York:


Tarka US Dutton 1949 1


 Tarka US Dutton 1949 2



 1960. Random House, in their Looking Glass Library:


Tarka US 1960 1


Tarka US 1960 2



1967. Avon Books, a division of the Hearst Corporation (paperback):


Tarka US Avon 1967



1990. Beacon Press, Boston (paperback):


Tarka US 1990



2020. New York Review of Books (paperback); the cover image, Fishing Otter, is by the noted British print-maker and illustrator Angela Harding. This edition includes HW's 'The Gentleman's River', his essay on the River Taw that appeared in The Henry Williamson Animal Saga (1960), and Tunnicliffe's illustrations, which have reproduced well. As in the first edition of Tarka, each page is headed by a place name that locates the scene on that page.


Tarka US nyrb 2020


Tarka US nyrb 2020back






1938. First Czech edition, hardback; Družstevní práce, Praha. The title, Tarka, vodní poutník, translates as 'Tarka, water pilgrim':


Tarka Czech 1938

Image courtesy of Vít Kremlička


1969. Hardback; Klub mladych ctenaru (KMC), Praha. This edition, translated by Marketa Slonkova, is beautifully illustrated by Mirko Hanak. The cover, endpapers and a sample illustration are shown here:


Tarka Czech 1969 1

 Tarka Czech 1969 2end papers


Tarka Czech 1969 3





1964. Forlaget Fremad, Denmark:


Tarka Denmark 1964





1930. Librairie Stock, Paris. The advertisement shown on the right of the cover was inserted into this particular copy of the book:


Tarka France 1930 1Tarka France 1930 2



1975. Editions Stock, Paris (Livres de nature series):


Tarka France Stock 1975






1929. Dietrich Reimer, Berlin:


Tarka Germany 1929



1930. Bernhard Tauchnitz, Leipzig. Tauchnitz specialised in printing inexpensive paperback books in the English language. Their Collection of British and American Authors series was started in 1841, eventually running to over 5000 volumes. To comply with copyright, this particular edition is marked 'Not to be introduced into the British Empire':

  Tarka Germany 1930



1932. Dietrich Reimer, Berlin. A version for children that covers only the first year of Tarka's life:


Tarka Germany 1932



1963. Scherz, Bern, Stuttgart and Vienna. The company was founded by Alfred Scherz, a bookseller in Bern, in 1938. Its edition of Tarka is included in the German section here as it is in the German language:


Tarka Germany 1963





1930. Fratelli Treves Editori, Milan:


Tarka Italy 1930



 1969. Valentino Bompiani & C. S.p.A.:


Tarka Italy 1969





no date (and no publishing information - any Japanese readers who can help?) There are two editions of which we are aware: the cover and first page of one, and the dust wrapper spread of the other are shown here:


Tarka Japan 1

 Tarka Japan 1a


Tarka Japan 2





no date. Van Holkema & Warendorf, Amsterdam:


Tarka Belgium





1932. Bokförlaget Natur och Kultur, Stockholm:


Tarka Sweden 1932


1960. B. Wahlströms Bokförlag, Stockholm:


Tarka Sweden 1960





1979. Publisher unknown, Moscow (any Russian readers out there who could help?):


Tarka USSR 1979 1Tarka USSR 1979 2




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