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HW's tribute to Richard Aldington, 'Dear Friend of Lavandou', was first printed in Richard Aldington: An Intimate Portrait, edited by Alister Kershaw (Southern Illinois University Press, 1965); it was reprinted in HWSJ 28, September 1993. This tribute was based on HW's 'A Visit to Richard Aldington', published in The Aylesford Review (Autumn 1963). A two-part article in HW's editorial 'Words on the West Wind' in The Adelphi (Autumn Book Number 1949; January–March Number 1950) recounts the same visit, but concentrates rather more on the trials and tribulations of his and Christine's journey there and back in his 2-litre Aston-Martin sports car – or 'that damned motorcar', as he called it. This article is reprinted in Words on the West Wind: Selected Essays from The Adelphi, 1924–1950 (HWS 2000; e-book 2013).


A four-page fragment of typescript still currently in HW's personal archive is seemingly an early version of that visit to Aldington, despite it's heading of 'A Note on "Lawrence of Arabia"', although the ending is missing. These pages are appended below:



genius aldnote1



genius aldnote2



genius aldnote3



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