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HW was a contributor from the very beginning of his writing career to some of the newspapers in Lord Beaverbrook's press empire: the Daily Express, Sunday Express, and Evening Standard. His association with the latter paper began in 1930, when it serialised his bestselling novel The Patriot's Progress (Geoffrey Bles, 1930), and continued until 1967. Many of his regular contributions to the Evening Standard have been collected and published by the HWS:


Heart of England: Contributions 1939–1941 (33 articles) (ed. John Gregory, HWS, 2003; e-book 2013)

A Breath of Country Air: Contributions 19441945 (82 articles) (ed. John Gregory, HWS, 1990;1991; one-vol e-book 2013)

Indian Summer Notebook: A Writer's Miscellany (includes 5 Standard articles from 1964) (ed. John Gregory, HWS, 2001; e-book 2013)


HW contributed only two reviews, covering the following books (most regrettably his review of the reprint of Frederic Manning's classic war novel is missing from the archive; if anyone has a copy of the review, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):



GARDNER, Brian (editor): Up the Line to Death: The War Poets 1914–1918, An Anthology (Methuen, 1964)

JOHNSTON, John H. (editor): English Poetry of the First World War (Oxford University Press, 1964)

MANNING, Frederic: Her Privates We (Peter Davies, 1964) (reviewed on 4 August 1964, the fiftieth anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War)




18 August 1964


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