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The European was a political and cultural magazine that was published between 1953 and 1959, though it never had a large circulation. It was published by Euphorion Books, a company formed by Sir Oswald Mosley and his wife Diana (one of the Mitford sisters), and Diana was the magazine's editor from beginning to end. Its original political intention was to stress the importance that Britain should join the European Community, and although the majority of contributors were pro-Europe, the magazine, according to Diana Mosley, was an 'open forum' (Diana Mosley, A Life of Contrasts, Hamish Hamilton, 1977). Diana Mosley's biographer wrote that the magazine was devised for Oswald Mosley to reach a more intellectual and middle-class audience, but that 'Diana preferred to fill it with book reviews and notices of plays and films, even articles about food and cookery . . .' (Jan Dalley, Diana Mosley: A Life, Faber, 2000). As well as editing the magazine, Diana Mosley contributed regular diary entries, articles and book reviews.


HW contributed just five pieces to The European: 'From "A Chronicle Writ in Darkness"' (published in two parts, September and October 1953); 'Threnos for T. E. Lawrence' (published in two parts, May and June 1954); 'The Bernard Shaw Centenary Luncheon at the Savoy' (September 1956); 'Roy Campbell: A Portrait'; and the review reprinted here in November 1954. This review is very different to the earlier, longer review by HW that had appeared in John o' London's Weekly on 2 July 1954.


Both 'Threnos for T. E. Lawrence' and 'Roy Campbell: A Portrait' have been collected and published in Threnos for T. E. Lawrence and other writings (ed. John Gregory, HWS, 1994; e-book 2014).



LAWRENCE, M. R. (editor): The Home Letters of T. E. Lawrence and His Brothers, (Basil Blackwell, 1954, 3 guineas)




November 1954


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