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The Aylesford Review was printed by the St Albert's Press, which was in the domain of the English Carmelite Brotherhood. The Press was established in 1955, and the periodical was the idea of, and was edited by, Father Brocard Sewell (1912‒2000). The Press (which was actually transferred to Llandeilo, Wales in 1959) also printed and published books of a suitably serious religious/literary content. For further information, see the 'Life's Work' entry for In the Woods.


HW first met Father Brocard in early December 1957, after Fr Brocard had written to HW about his recently published novel The Golden Virgin. Although The Aylesford Review had originally been intended as a vehicle for religious articles, Fr Brocard had quickly widened its approach to include literary material. He was then planning a special issue devoted entirely to HW's work: 'Henry Williamson: A Symposium & Tribute' (The Aylesford Review Vol. II, No. 2, Winter 1957/8). HW felt that at last someone appreciated his work, and a strong relationship developed between these two men. Their extensive correspondence contains a great deal of literary and personal detail (it is lodged at Exeter University as part of the Henry Williamson Society archive, which is kept with HW's main archive there). See also Brocard Sewell's memoir, written after HW's death, 'Some Memories of H.W.'.


Among HW's several contributions to The Aylesford Review there were only three book reviews – and one of those books was authored by himself:



QUIN, Ann: Berg (Calder, 1964)

WILLIAMSON, Henry (as 'Green Jacket'): Lucifer Before Sunrise (Macdonald, 1967)

WOLFF, Leon: In Flanders Fields (Longman, 1959)



Vol. II, No. 6

Spring 1959


The review below is from HW's own copy of The Aylesford Review, and bears his notes.


reviews ar spring59i


reviews ar spring59iii



There was a mistake in the numbers on the first page (corrected by HW in his copy), and an errata slip had to be printed and tipped in:


reviews ar spring59ii





reviews ar1


reviews ar1a       reviews ar1b





There is a manuscript draft of another review of the book in the archive, reproduced below. It bears little relation either to the review above, or to the longer review that HW contributed to Time and Tide (21 March 1959); it is not known whether it was ever published.


reviews ar2a


reviews ar2b


reviews ar2c


reviews ar2d


reviews ar2e


reviews ar2f



Vol. VI, No. 3

Summer - Autumn 1964


reviews ar sumaut64i


reviews ar sumaut64ii





reviews ar3i


reviews ar3ii



Vol. IX, No. 1

Autumn 1967


reviews ar4a


reviews ar4b


reviews ar4c


reviews ar4d


reviews ar4e


reviews ar4f


reviews ar4g


reviews ar4h


reviews ar4i


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reviews ar4k


reviews ar4l





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