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As far as is known, this review was HW's sole contribution to the New York Herald Tribune, a newspaper founded in 1924 and which was generally seen as a competitor of the New York Times; it had won 12 Pulitzer Prizes before it folded in 1966 (it had never been financially secure), gaining the reputation of being 'the literary newspaper'.


HW was then on his first visit to the US at the invitation of John Macrae, his American publisher, and lived in New York for several months, becoming something of a star attraction among the literati there – see The Gold Falcon: The background for further details about this visit. Presumably the newspaper approached him to review the book.


Thompson, EdwardIn Araby Orion (Ernest Benn, London, and Farrar & Rinehart, New York, 1930)




23 November 1930


reviews nyht2



Following this review the author wrote to HW:



araby orion1


araby orion2



For some further details about the author and the book, see In Araby Orion.








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