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Critical reception


Appendix (draft pages from HW's introduction)


Book covers



Critical reception:



The first review here is out of chronological sequence – but as it reflects an overview vision of the book it makes a useful 'introduction'.


Homes and Gardens, July 1951:


farrar rev homes


The Tatler (Gordon Beckles), 22 November 1950:


farrar review tatler


Liverpool Daily Post (J.C.R.), 29 November 1950:


farrar rev liverpool


The Observer (Denis Thomas), 3 December 1950:


farrar rev observer


John O'London's Weekly, 8 December 1950:


farrar rev johnolondon


New Statesman & Nation (Nigel Nicolson), 9 December 1950:


farrar rev statesman


Daily Herald, 11 December 1950:


This review, under heading 'Time was short', gives just basic details about the book. Interestingly, the text was copied by the following rather unusual source:


Egyptian Gazette (Cairo), 19 December 1950:


farrar rev egyptian


Punch (H.P.E.), 20 December 1950:


farrar review punch



The Spectator, 22 December 1950:


farrar review spectator


Public Opinion (Howard Sergeant), 12 January 1951:


farrar rev public


Sheffield Telegraph (C. A. Renshaw), 26 January 1951:


farrar rev sheffield


Everywoman (Lyn Arnold), February 1951:


farrar rev everywoman


He was a good boy, in the true sense of the word. He was keen, he worked hard, he strove for truth, he kept himself fit for his work, he lived in the sense of his own humility. He lost his life in a Mosquito aircraft over the English channel on the twenty-sixth day of July, 1944, three months short of his twenty-first birthday.


So in his preface Henry Williamson speaks of James Farrar . . . whose now published [writings] are his epitaph. . . .


If the critics have overpraised him, how understandable, and how right, when a poet paints a whole countryside under wind with his four short perfect words “the mad meadow-grass”; when a write makes the very silence pulsate in the still, dark orchard where two boys stand and wait “breathing as if slyly stealing the air”. . . .


Truth, 8 February 1951:


farrar rev truth


The Scotsman, 8 February 1951:


farrar rev scotsman


The Cambridge Review (P. M. Green), 10 February 1951:


farrar rev cambridge1


farrar rev cambridge2


farrar rev cambridge3


The Times, 23 March 1951:


farrar review times



Poetry Review (E. H. W. Meyerstein), April 1951:


farrar rev poetry


The Times Literary Supplement, 23 March 1951:


farrar rev tls






1968 edition:


Country Life (Richard Church), 12 December 1968 (column of reviews headed 'Fundamental Values')


The first paragraph of the reviews reads:


farrar rev countrylife1


The section on James Farrar follows:


farrar rev countrylife2


Irish Independent (Monk Gibbon), 1 February 1969 (quirky – an interesting comparison with Henry James):


farrar rev irish


Daily Mail, 18 April 1969:


farrar rev mail


Lincolnshire Echo, 11 August 1969 (an interesting selection of books):


farrar rev lincolnshire






Poetry Review, April 1959:


That HW tried to promote Farrar's work whenever he could is evinced by the following article published in the Poetry Review:


farrar rev poetryreview1


farrar rev poetryreview2


farrar rev poetryreview3


farrar rev poetryreview4


Further, there is the following letter from HW which does not have a source or date (other than the date of the letter, 21 September), but is probably from the Western Morning News. There is unfortunately no cutting of the 'publicity' material to which he refers:


farrar hwletter









There are some pages from HW's draft 'Introduction' in the literary archive, of which the following is a selection:



farrar intro1


farrar intro2


farrar intro3


farrar intro4


farrar intro5


farrar intro6


farrar intro7


farrar intro8






Book covers:



Williams and Norgate, 1950; front cover and spine, rear cover, and front flap:


farrar 1950 cover


farrar 1950 back


farrar 1950 blurb






Chatto & Windus, 1968; front cover and spine, and blurb from front flap:


farrar 1968 cover


farrar 1968 blurb






Autolycus Press, 1986; front cover and spine, rear cover, and inside flaps:


farrar 1986 cover


farrar 1986 back


farrar 1986 blurb1           farrar 1986 blurb2






Friends of Honeywood Museum (Carshalton), 2008; front and back covers:


farrar 2008 cover


farrar 2008 back







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