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Presented on this page are a selection of photographs of the Williamson family from the Shallowford era; more photographs are shown on the main page for The Children of Shallowford. Some of them may already be familiar to readers of the first edition or of the 1978 new edition, which contained a different set of illustrations. Others, however, have never been seen before outside the family. They are (very) roughly in chronological order.



children 1

This photograph of Shallowford was used one year by the family as a Christmas card –

note the neat garden and vegetable patch



children 2

Baby John feeding himself - HW has written on the back

of this photograph: 'Sergeant John Williamson, R.A.F.,

practising gliding in his pram in North Devon'



children 3

HW and Loetitia with Windles and John – HW looking as though he is reading

from his latest work



children 4
Loetitia with John and baby Margaret



children 5
A studio portrait on John, Margy and Windles



children 7
HW with John and Windles



children 6
An informal family group



children 8
HW with John



children 9
left to right: unknown, Windles, John, Loetitia, Margaret, unknown (perhaps the maid)



children 10
Baby Robert



children 11



children 13

 Robbie, John, Rosie and Windles

In the background is the gate to the Deer Park (Humpy Bridge can just

be made out). The building on the right was demolished in the 1960s.



children 12

HW has identified them underneath as

'Windles, John, Rosemary, Robbie, Margaret

Shallowford area 1936'

The 1978 edition adds that: 'Baby Richard was too small to join

[them] for a ride in their uncle's car to South Molton'



children 14
Haymaking up at the Field



children 15
John, Windles and Margy on a tricycle to grow into!



children 16
John at work on his book



children 17

The caption in the 1978 edition reads: 'Baby Richard cries, watched

benignly by Windles but with indifference by Robbie



children 18
In the onion patch, probably taken by Ann Thomas



children 19

Still in the onion patch

Front row, Rosie and Richard; second row, Robbie and Margy;

third row, John and Windles; at the back Annie Rawle and Ann Thomas




children 20

The caption in the 1978 edition reads: 'John, Windles, Richard,

Margaret and Robert at the long oak table for Christmas 1936

at Shallowford'

The table was removed to the Norfolk Farm, and remains in the family.




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