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Book covers:


The dust wrappers below are given in the same order that they are covered on the Richard Jefferies main page.


The Amateur Poacher (Cape, 1934, The Travellers’ Library, No. 202)

Wild Life in a Southern County (Cape, 1934, The Travellers’ Library, No. 203)

The Gamekeeper at Home (Cape, 1935, The Travellers’ Library, No. 205)


These were in the uniform wrapper of Jonathan Cape's 'Travellers' Library' series, and each had the same back cover.



jeff poacher cover


jeff poacher back



jeff southern cover



jeff gamekeeper 35






Richard Jefferies: Selections of his Work, with details of his Life and Circumstance, his Death and Immortality (Faber, July 1937; revised reprint 1947)


The first edition:



jeff 1937 cover


jeff 1937 back



Faber reprinted the title in their 'Faber Library' series in 1940 - the copy in the Archive is well worn!



jeff 1940



The 1947 revised edition:



jeff 1947 front


jeff 1947 back






Hodge and his Masters, revised by HW, with a Foreword (Methuen, 1937)



jeff hodge 1937 cover






A Classic of English Farming: Hodge and His Masters (Faber 1946, reprinted 1948)



jeff classic cover


jeff classic back






Bevis: The Story of a Boy (Dent, 1966, Everyman’s Library, No. 850;  first published in 3 vols, 1882)



jeff bevis 66 cover






An Anthology of Modern Nature Writers (Nelson, Modern Anthologies, No. 6, May 1936)



jeff anthology1 cover



Nelson reissued the anthology in 1948, in their new ‘Argosy Books' series’, of which this was the second. The series was intended for 'those who value quiet ample writing refreshing to minds weary of the alarums of our time. Their main purpose being to answer the need for intelligent pleasure, books have been specially chosen that have a marked unity of mood and style.'



jeff anthology2 cover






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